Shine And Save With Coconut Oil For Hair

Find out what coconut oil is used for, what kinds of oils are there, and also effective recipes for coconut masks for hair.

Coconut oil – the source of life

We can use coconut oil also for the body, scalp, since it has long been valued for its useful properties:

  • Helps with symptoms of chronic fatigue;
  • Removes inflammation;
  • Prevention of obesity;
  • Helps the functioning of the thyroid gland;
  • Kills lice and other parasites;
  • Good protection from ultraviolet light;
  • Helps to get rid of dandruff.

Recipes of coconut masks for hair

Mask for hair protection. If you are going to rest in warmer places, coconut oil must be taken by yourself. Then the rest will be easy and without consequences. Heat the oil on a steam bath, apply with a spray, especially on the tips of the hair. Then just comb the massage comb. Especially important, you need a little oil, so that the hair does not stick together and do not lose the appearance. This mask is designed to protect, but do not neglect other means of protection against ultraviolet rays and sea salt.
Mask for hair restoration. The mask is well suited for damaged and brittle hair. A small amount of oil needs to be warmed in the palms and spread over the entire length. Cover the head with a film and leave for an hour. Apply the oil every time before washing your head until you see an improvement. Do not forget that the mask from the hair first washed with running water, then with shampoo. After using the coconut mask, you do not need to use the hair conditioner. You can use lemon juice for better washing.

If your hair is beautiful and well-groomed, this mask will be an excellent prevention and help to keep them healthy. We take a small amount of coconut oil and warm it up in hands, gently put on the entire length. The beauty of this mask is that we can apply it in the hair as often as we wish.

Mask for hair growth. Mix 2 tsp. coconut oil, 1 tsp. glycerin, egg protein – 1 piece, half of st. l. apple cider vinegar. We keep the mask for an hour, rinse with exceptionally warm water, without using shampoo.

Mask for weakened hair. Mix 2 tsp. coconut and burdock oil. After mixing, heat on a steam bath. We begin to apply with roots, and then distribute the entire length. We hold 1 hour, then wash off with shampoo with warm water.

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Another version of the mask for weakened hair. This time, stir up 2 tsp. almond and coconut oils, leave for a few minutes on a steam bath, then add 2 tsp. tea tree (essential oil). The agent should be applied to the roots, then to the remaining length. We wash off with shampoo.

Do you have oily hair? This recipe will definitely help you: 1 tbsp. l. coconut oil is added to 1 cup kefir. We put on hair, we tie a head with a plastic bag, we wash off in 50 minutes.

Recipes of coconut masks are still many, the main thing is to pick the one that will best give the desired effect. With such simple actions, we can give our hair a sparkle, strength, energy and do not need to go to a specialist and spend huge money on expensive procedures.

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