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Simple And Easy Paleo Diet. Menu For The Week

The paleo diet is based on the principles of human nutrition that existed in prehistoric times.

The choice of the right products for the Stone Age diet today is quite a big challenge, for much of what cave people ate today can not be found on the shelves of stores. And what you can buy, is quite expensive.

Paleotypic type of food is tough, because it almost completely prohibits the use of carbohydrates. At its core, the palaeodite is very similar to the gluten-free type of food, which few can follow.

Paleo diet menu for the week

Obviously, if we talk seriously about the nutrition of the primitive man, but we can not describe a variety of soups and casseroles. However, in our days, the followers of paleotic food like to please themselves with culinary delights.

Below is a sample of the simplest menu for a week, including usual, and not some “wild” food.

Paleo Diet: Monday
Breakfast: fried eggs with greens.
Lunch: tomato soup on a meat broth, boiled meat with broccoli.
Dinner: fish salad.

Paleo Diet: Tuesday
Breakfast: hard boiled eggs and pieces of fruit.
Lunch: chicken broth with herbs and chicken breast slices, red fish baked in the oven with carrots and onions.
Dinner: potato casserole with mushrooms.
Paleo Diet
Paleo Diet: Wednesday
Breakfast: a piece of boiled fish with vegetables.
Lunch: celery soup with nuts, roast beef with potatoes.
Dinner: rolls of courgettes with soft cheese and tomatoes, fruit.

Paleo Diet: Thursday
Breakfast: soft-boiled eggs with sweet pepper.
Lunch: pumpkin cream with the addition of lemon and potatoes, fried pork with stewed vegetables.
Dinner: mushroom roast.

Paleo Diet: Friday
Breakfast: a piece of cheese, nuts.
Lunch: cabbage soup on chicken broth, boiled chicken with mashed potatoes and vegetables.
Dinner: fried potatoes, filled with eggs.

Paleo Diet: Saturday
Breakfast: a piece of boiled fish and fruit.
Lunch: borscht with meat, fried liver with broccoli.
Dinner: vegetable salad with mushrooms and cheese.

Paleo Diet: Sunday
Breakfast: scrambled eggs with spinach.
Lunch: fish soup, chicken, completely baked in the oven with vegetables.
Dinner: herring with potatoes and vegetables.

Explanations for the Paleo Diet weekly menu

The menu allows you to supplement the main meals with snacks. And these snacks can be very dense.

  1. vegetables and fruits;
  2. nuts and seeds;
  3. eggs, hard-boiled;
  4. peanut butter;
  5. dried apples;
  6. berries with coconut cream (without sugar);
  7. meat;

The Paleo Diet does not require a hard calorie count.

Food should be prepared using animal fats, for example, in lard, fat, or in olive oil, but in no case on refined vegetable oils such as sunflower oil.

Salads should be filled with olive oil, as well as other useful dressings, for example, from avocado. It is strictly forbidden to use mayonnaise.

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