How Breathing Affects Beauty

6 Simple Exercises for Facelift

6 Simple Exercises for Facelift

Fatigue, lack of sleep, eating disorders, bad mood, weather whims – all these circumstances are bad for our appearance. Especially the face suffers: the skin becomes flabby, loses a healthy color, becomes wrinkled, there are zones of edema and dark circles under the eyes.

It is not always possible to protect yourself from the influence of aggressive factors, but we are able to minimize its consequences. For this purpose, cosmetics are usually used and procedures are performed to help moisturize the skin, nourish it with nutrients, increase elasticity and elasticity.

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Unfortunately, such care is often not enough: superficial procedures do not give the expected effect due to a decrease in the tone of the facial muscles. But do not despair. There is a complex of simple exercises, regularly performing which, any woman can pull up her face skin by herself.
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Circular eye massage

Squeeze your hands into fists in such a way that the thumbs are on top. Close your eyes and massage your eyelids with your fists in circular motions (several times clockwise, then several times in the opposite direction). Touching the eyelids should be very careful, without pressing. Exercise helps to increase blood flow and increase the tone of the eye of the eye.

As a result, the skin is tightened, dark circles and bags under the eyes disappear.


Try as much as possible to open your eyes and even to bulge them for a few seconds. Then close your eyes tightly. Alternate these movements at a rapid pace for 2-3 minutes. After the end, relax your facial muscles and sit for 3-4 minutes calmly, closing your eyes. Exercise helps to tone the muscles of the upper half of the face and relieves fatigue in the eyes.

Chest Inflating

Deeply inhale through the mouth and hold your breath, inflating your cheeks. Slowly release air from the mouth through the half-closed lips. Repeat 10-12 times. This is how the face muscles of musicians playing on wind instruments and the kind of activity forced to constantly strain the muscles of the cheeks.

With such training, the face oval retains clear contours even at a very respectable age, the cheeks do not sag and do not become covered with wrinkles.


Smile as much as possible, and then quickly pull out your lips with a “tube”. Repeat the movements 20-25 times. The goal of the exercise is to increase the tone of the muscles that control the movements of the lips. In addition, according to scientists, there is not only a direct relationship between the production of the so-called happiness hormones and facial expressions, but the reverse.

The movements of the lips, creating a smile, provoke the release of serotonin and in fact contribute to the improvement of mood.

Pulling out the ears

Pinch your ears with your fingers and pull it down for 30 seconds. Then 30 seconds, pull the lobes up and turn them clockwise and for another half minutes.

Impact on the lobules of the ears causes a rush of blood to the brain, invigorates, increases physical and intellectual activity. The procedure is also useful for improving the appearance: with its regular carrying out, it is possible to significantly slow down the formation of wrinkles, which greatly damage the skin under the ears and in the upper part of the neck.


Press the index, middle and ring fingers to the brow. For 3-4 minutes, gently stretch the eyebrows in opposite directions.

Exercise helps to strengthen the subcutaneous muscles located on the forehead, and reduce vertical wrinkles between the eyebrows. In this case, the relationship between the expression of the face and emotions also works: the procedure helps to relax, relieve stress and get rid of heavy thoughts.

The complex is good because for its daily execution no special place is prepared for, no time is required. Exercises can be done at home or at work during breaks. This gymnastics for mimic muscles not only improves the condition of the face, but also refreshes, elevates the mood, helps to concentrate, increase work capacity and be resistant to stress.

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