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Skin Care After 60 Years

Aging of the skin at this age reaches its peak. The production of collagen and elastin does not occur, the renewal processes slow down. Even oily skin goes into a dry or normal type. At home, it is important to take good care to minimize traces of age-related changes:

1. Instead of soap, tonics used for cleansing cosmetic milk, enriched with vitamins and fatty acids;

2. During the day, moisten with micellar water or usual mineral from three to five times, it is convenient to use a spray nozzle;

3. It is not recommended to use aggressive peelings, scrubs, as well as alcohol-containing cosmetic products;

4. To choose a truly working remedy is better to choose professional and medical lines, you must first get a probe, to check for an allergic reaction, and also the result, having made sure of quality, you can buy a whole jar, a tube;

5. Creams, emulsions, fluids should contain as many active plant extracts as possible, from the +55 series for dry skin, pay attention to the whitening effect, visually allow to look younger, separately use products for facial skin and for eyelids;

6. Daily protect from the harmful effects of sunlight, regardless of the season, the SPF factor should be above 40, it is better to choose with additional moisturizing;

7. Refreshing and rejuvenating the face will help cold herbal compresses, they will relieve fatigue, puffiness, and from contrasting procedures of steaming with subsequent cooling it is better to refuse, the vessels are very fragile, if not properly exposed, couperose nets are quickly formed;

8. It is effective to use care products together with facial gymnastics, you can learn different techniques, the tonus improves without surgery and beauty injections;

9. In salons, cosmetologists offer to undergo laser resurfacing, dermabrasion, sculptural massage, and it is better to refuse chemical peeling, the rehabilitation period can drag on for months;

10. Decorative cosmetics recommended to choose a mineral, instead of compact powder to prefer a foundation with the effect of nutrition and protection, lipsticks use professional, cheap bright lipsticks often contain salts of heavy metals;

11. Avoid direct sunlight, instead of natural tanning, it is better to use a cream or spray;

12. Do not neglect a full-fledged sleep, lasting at least 9 hours, as well as physical activity and drinking regimen will improve the appearance of the skin.

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Tips for applying masks to the skin

With your own hands it is not difficult to prepare effective compounds:

  • choose only quality and fresh products, the lack of preservatives does not allow you to store more than three / four hours;
  • preference should be given to dairy products, vegetable and essential oils, honey, algae, pharmacy vitamin solution;
  • for cleansing before the procedure to use cosmetic milk or micellar water, to strengthen the action of the mask, you can use a warm herbal compress;
  • in the composition there should be no hard abrasive particles scratching the skin, to remove epithelium in recipes it is recommended to use oatmeal or buckwheat flour, as well as white clay;
  • for peeling it is useful to use acidic berries in combination with liquid honey;
  • a nutritious and rejuvenating mask can be held for twenty / thirty minutes, for a cleansing mask, ten;
  • wash better with a wet sponge with herbal decoction or mineral water;
  • the regularity of the procedures depends on the condition of the epidermis, for normal skin, three or four sessions per week, with dryness, peeling, and wrinkle control, it is worth using lifting courses in ten / twelve days;
  • after the procedure, after ten minutes, always apply a nutrient fluid;
  • the optimal time for a spa session from 18 to 23 hours, or earlier in the morning, immediately after awakening.

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