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Smoothies Delicious And Healthy Cocktail For Your Child

Smoothies Delicious And Healthy Cocktail For Your Child
How to make smoothies for your children

How to make smoothies for your children

First of all, you should consider the recipe of the drink. Here one can be guided by the preferences of the child, the microelements he needs, and the products that are in the refrigerator. In any case, the benefits of smoothies will depend on the ingredients used!

Preparing smoothies most often consists of several basic stages:

1. Choose a liquid for the drink. It can be ordinary purified water, milk, fruit juice or mors, chilled tea.
2. Add the sliced ​​fruit or vegetables. Here everything depends on your personal preferences. Suits everything from banal apples and bananas, ending with avocado and mango.
3. We saturate the smoothies with taste. A pleasant aroma and soft texture can be achieved with syrups, honey, spices, herbs, nuts or even ice cream.
4.Turn all the ingredients in the blender to get a homogeneous mass.

There are several special rules that make smoothies more tasty and useful. First, it should be served chilled. It is important not to overdo it with the ingredients: try adding them one by one, bringing the drink to the perfect combination of tastes. You can use ready-made smoothies recipes for children or come up with your own. Smoothies will help to strengthen immunity and will saturate the body with useful vitamins!
How to make smoothies for your children
The main ingredient should always be fruits or vegetables. They make the drink so useful.

Smoothie recipes for children

Many people do not know how to make smoothies, which the child will definitely like. It is for you that we have selected the optimal and simple recipes. Trying one of the proposed drinks, your baby will certainly be satisfied. In this case, he does not even notice that in the dessert there are unloved foods.

Banana smoothie with oatmeal

How many times have you tried to convince your child to eat oatmeal? Not the most grateful thing. The combination of ingredients in this recipe is so harmonious that the baby will not be able to resist the aroma and taste of the ready smoothie.


oat flakes – 20 g;
almonds – 20 g;
honey – 10 g;
yogurt without additives – 30 g.


We clean the banana and cut into pieces. We leave a pair of pieces for decoration. The rest is sent to the blender along with the other ingredients. Grind everything to a homogeneous consistency and pour into a glass. On the side we put on the deferred slices of a banana.

Smoothies with avocado and spinach

From one kind of greenery, any child will lose his appetite. Therefore, often it is necessary to veil it behind other products. This delicious recipe for smoothies with spinach will be your favorite treat for your baby.

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avocados – 1 piece;
spinach – 50 g;
banana – 1 piece;
orange juice – 50 g;
vegetable oil – 15 g.

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Wash and dry the spinach. We clean and cut into pieces of avocado and banana. Add all the ingredients to the blender and break to a homogeneous state. Ready smoothies can be decorated with slices of a banana.

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