What Happens to the Soul After Death

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What Happens to the Soul After Death

A person has a soul and a body. In earthly life they are united and exist together. After the death of the body, the soul passes into the next world. It is able to leave the body and in the physical world. In our time, this case is proved by objective science. Research universities of different countries are now engaged in studying the living conditions of the soul outside the body.

What Happens to the Soul After Death

What Happens to the Soul After Death?

The soul needs a body for its work in the material world but not for existence; the soul exists without a body. During dying, the soul leaves the body before death occurs.

About what the soul does after death, people were interested in antiquity. Many who survived a clinical death say that they got into a well-known tunnel and saw a bright light. Some even talk about meeting with angels and God. There are many different options that explain what happens after the heart stops.

What happens to the soul after death?

One of the interesting assumptions about this is described in the Vedas. It says there are channels in the human body through which the soul goes. These include the nine major holes, as well as the theme. People with abilities can determine where the soul came from. If this happened through the mouth, then the soul is relocated after death, as it returns to earth.

If the soul came out through the left nostril, then it went to the Moon, and if through the right one – toward the Sun. In the event that the navel was chosen, the soul is directed toward the planetary systems. Exit through the genitals dooms the soul to being in the lower worlds.

In the Vedas it is described that within 40 days after death the soul is in the place where man lived.

That’s why many relatives, often confirm that they do not leave the feeling that the deceased is nearby. The first day after death for the soul is the most difficult, since the realization of the end has not yet come and there is a constant desire to return to the body. It is believed that until the body does not rot, the soul will be next to it, making attempts to return “home.”

People who see spirits say that you should not get really killed and crying for the dead, because they all feel and suffer. Souls hear everything perfectly, therefore, in the first days after death, relatives are encouraged to read the scriptures, which will help the souls move on.

In the scripture one can find information about where the soul goes after death after 40 days.

After this time interval the soul comes to the river, in which there are many different fish and monsters. Near the shore is a boat and if a person led a righteous life on earth, then the soul can swim a dangerous river on it, and if not, then it is necessary to do it by swimming.

This is a kind of road to the main court. Then there is a meeting with the god of death, who, analyzing the life of a person, makes a decision in which body and in what world the soul will be born again.

Where the soul gets after death – the view of Christianity

Clergymen believe that life is a specific preparatory stage before rebirth, which occurs after death. Christians believe that the souls of people leading a righteous life, angels refer to the gates of Paradise, and sinners fall into Hell. After this, the Last Judgment occurs, where God will decide the further path of the soul.
What Happens to the Soul After Death
In Christianity it is believed that the first two days after death, the soul is free, and it can travel to different places. At the same time, there are always angels or demons nearby. On the third day, “tribulations” begin, that is, the soul undergoes various tests, from which it is possible to pay off where the soul of a person after death is only good deeds committed for life.

Where does the soul get after suicidal death?

It is believed that one of the most terrible sins is the deprivation of oneself of life. Because it was given by God, and only he has the right to take it back. Since ancient times, the bodies of suicides have been attached to the earth separately from others, and places associated with the tragedy, tried to destroy.

The church says that when a person decides to commit suicide, then it is the Devil who helps him in making his decision.
The soul of a suicide after death wants to enter Paradise, but for her the gates are closed and she returns to the ground. There the spirit tries to find its body, and such throwings are very painful and protracted. The search lasts until the real time of death approaches and then God makes a decision about the future path of the soul.

Today, scientists are trying to prove the existence of heaven and hell after death

collecting testimonies of people who returned “from the other world.” Who does not understand – I’m talking about survivors of clinical death. Their testimony coincides to the smallest detail! Unbelievers say that they saw hell with their own eyes: they were surrounded by snakes, demons and a terrible stench. Those who “visited” in paradise talk about light, fragrance and lightness.

Priests and doctors who communicated with such people noticed an interesting feature:

those who “visited” in paradise returned to their physical body enlightened and calm, and those who “saw” hell, for a long time tried to come to their senses from a nightmare. The experts summarized all the evidences and memories of the “deceased” people, after which they concluded that heaven and hell really exist, the first being at the top and the second at the bottom. Everything is exactly the same as in the description of the afterlife in the Bible and the Qur’an.
What Happens to the Soul After Death
There is no unambiguous answer to the most important question, what happens to a person after death – all the same mystery as many thousands of years ago. The solution was not helped neither by science, nor by religion, nor by medicine. However, to think that death is really the end – somehow not everyone wants.

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