Strategy To Get Back Your Ex-girlfriend

Strategy To Get Back Your Ex-girlfriend

The desire “I want to return an ex-girlfriend” needs to be reinforced by a willingness to cultivate – externally and internally. For the beginning it is necessary to calm down and understand that to act in her eyes as a weakling, on whose shoulder it is problematic to calculate, is impossible. Let her see in you a potential defender and support.
Strategy To Get Back Your Ex-girlfriend
The strategy for the return of the girl you love:

Stage 1. Calmness.

The saying, beginning with the words “What we have, we do not store …” is the pledge of victory. Feel the pain of loss your angel will be able to not just without you, but in the absence of your hand, even a hint of sorrow-melancholy. You do not call her, but are demonstratively engaged in your own business. That’s cool!

Stage 2. Fully ignore her.

No progress has been made not only in her direction, but also in the places of general meetings. The longer she does not hear about you, the more keen her interest is in this phenomenon. Your business is to look successful and serene. There is an opportunity to dress up, to amaze by changing entourage (say, a snapshot in the profile) – use it.

Step 3. Contact after separation.

Call or meet by chance – decide for yourself. The call after a month and a half with the purpose of offering a friendly walk is acceptable: it does not oblige to anything. The main condition is a relaxed intonation, a calm tone of communication. Do not want to answer – repeat the same after a week. She will agree.

The first (short) meeting.

Strategy To Get Back Your Ex-girlfriend
Flowers and stories about the days of loneliness are useless. Laconism, friendly disposition, without lyrical memories. A couple of phrases about how to chat was nice, and it’s interesting to find out about the news – the completion is normal for a half-hour conversation. Now for 5-7 days ignore her – even if you remember her.

The second (long) meeting.

I’m intrigued by an even line of behavior: a minimum of correspondence in the network, sms-sends. Easy disengagement warms the feminine’s curiosity toward someone who previously seemed fascinated by her. At the same time on the friendly meeting the gesture of “peace” – to make a compliment, to attach – will be accepted “with a bang.” Here it is, the desired result!

Step 4. Last point.

Even with signs that the girl returned and everything is safe, the danger of a breakdown remains. For the winning male it is important to feel like a hunter and to consolidate success. It’s too early to relax: now it’s a new girl and not like the previous relationship. Conquer her daily – and you will be happy.

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