Stretching Tight Shoes

Stretching Tight Shoes: 3 Simple Effective Ways

Stretching Tight Shoes: It happens that the shoes that seemed convenient in the store are tight and press our feet when we start to wear them! Stretching Tight Shoes

3 Simple And Effective Ways for Stretching Tight Shoes

The shoes cause discomfort, and maybe you ordered shoes that did not fit you in volume in the online store and a refund is not possible. There are some simple ways that will help to stretch uncomfortable shoes for half a size or even for a size.

We provide you with the following tips:

Stretching Tight Shoes with a hair dryer

You can speed up the stretching process by using thick socks and a hairdryer. First, put one or two pairs of tight socks on your feet. The thicker the fabric, the better. Then, put on your shoes and heat them with a hair dryer on average temperature for 30 seconds.

Always move the hair dryer along the surface of the shoe, which needs to be stretched and do not stay long in one place. You need to warm up all shoes evenly.

The heat softens the leather and makes it supple. So they can fit you. Repeat this process until the feet goes into the shoes easily. I have tried this on my suede shoes. After two minutes of warming up the toe region, there was much more room.

After warming up, do not forget to soak up the shoes with a special conditioner, as the heat dries the leather.
Stretching Tight Shoes

Stretching Tight Shoes with freezing

Fill the package (the size of the sandwich) on the plastic buckle with the slider by one third of the water. Close tightly, leaving a little space on top. Squeeze the package lightly to make sure it does not have any invisible holes.

Then place the bag in the shoe. Make sure that the corner of the package his exactly in the area of ​​the big toe, where the shoes tend to be particularly tight. Then put the shoes in the freezer until the water turns into ice.

When the water turns into ice, it expands. This is what will help a little stretch the shoes. Once the ice has formed, you can pull out the shoes to thaw for about 20 minutes. You can use this method several times until you reach the required size.

In closed shoes it is more difficult to correctly place the package in the area of ​​the sock. This method is more suitable for models with an open finger, an acute nose, a shoe and uncut footwear.

Buy pads for stretching tight shoes

Using this simple tool is certainly the least risky method (you do not have to worry that you will spoil the shine of your shoes with heat or running shoes). Pads for stretching shoes can increase the length and width of shoes.

They come in different sizes to match the style of female and male models. This particular has even small departments that you can add to the area of ​​the big toe if the shoes rub at this place. This method is most suitable for leather shoes, for example, flat shoes and Oxford shoes.

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