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Sugar Is More Toxic Than We Think

Reducing sugar consumption for better health care has always been a widespread idea. However, many mistakenly believe that the damages caused by excessive sugar consumption are lower than those produced by other foods.

In fact, a large number of people continue to consume sugar in considerable amounts and most of the time, controlling the amount of sugar consumed does not put us at risk of its adverse effects.
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Therefore, we will present some important data about sugar, which most of us do not know yet.

Remember, to enjoy good health is not enough to practice exercises, it is also extremely important to control and worry about what we consume daily.

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Mortality and fecundity

A study published in the journal Nature Communications and developed in laboratory rats revealed that sugar consumption, even if moderate, is closely related to higher mortality and lower fecundity.

During the research, the responsible team chose a group of rats to perform a diet where 25 percent of the calories came from added sugars, a percentage that a healthy person could consume by taking three cans of sugary drinks a day.

After 32 weeks of observation it was concluded that the groups that consumed this extra sugar died twice as fast as those who had a natural diet.

Even though they did not detect changes in mortality within the group of males, they realized that they were less competitive and had fewer offspring.

“We know that 25% of extra sugar is harmful to rats. The possibility that it harms humans is high, simply because the same substances toxic to rats are also to us, “explained researcher James Ruff.

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Heart problems

Some studies have shown that sugar can significantly damage the heart. This product affects the pumping mechanism of the heart, in addition to increasing the risk of heart failure.

Still, other analyzes have suggested that sugar plays an important role in cases of childhood obesity and accumulation of fat in the stomach.

According to experts, the increase in the consumption of beverages with high levels of fructose has caused more and more children to suffer from overweight and, consequently, future health problems, such as heart disease and diabetes.

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A silent killer

Sugar can be considered a silent killer simply because the damage it causes is not visible.

For example, it has been proven for some years that sugar, especially fructose, inhibits the production of leptin, a hormone that gives us the feeling of satiated hunger.

Therefore, once the leptin levels have been changed, we eat more without realizing it, and consequently we gain weight and future health problems.

There is also strong evidence to suggest that sugar plays a role in the development of cancers, especially in people who need to inject insulin and who at some point develop resistance to it by the continued consumption of sugar.

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Genetics and induction to sugar consumption

Some experts have conducted experiments that assume that the taste for sugar may have genetic origin, just like the case of alcohol consumption.

Also, it has been proven that both products can cause very similar effects to the body. Therefore, excessive consumption of sugar can seriously affect the metabolism.

In addition, while it is believed that sugar is an excellent mental enhancer, the reality is that it has recently been proven that this product can affect memory and accelerate the aging process of cells.

Control the amount of sugar consumed

Finally, we should be concerned about foods that probably contain high levels of sugar. We commonly think that certain products do not contain too much sugar. However, by looking at the labels and nutritional information, we will be able to tell you the sugar levels of each product.

Therefore, it is best to check the nutritional data of what we eat and, above all, to drastically reduce the consumption of soft drinks and sugary drinks since, as we well know, these drinks may affect the occurrence of obesity and more serious diseases, such as diabetes.

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