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Tea Anytime: Amazing Benefits Of Tea

The English take punctually at five in the afternoon. We Brazilians do not have the habit, we still prefer coffee. But, there are more than 60 species of medicinal plants cataloged in Brazil indicated for consumption. Herbs can bring unbelievable therapeutic results. Tea brings well-being, a sense of contact with nature and many health benefits.
Tea Anytime: Amazing Benefits Of Tea

The history of tea

Emperor Shen Nong walked through China to catalog the medicinal plants of his country. The tea methodology was discovered in the 8th century by Buddhist monks who had the idea of ​​blending the herbs with boiling water. By drinking tea during the day, religious were much more willing for long hours of meditation. But do you know the correct way to prepare your tea? See below.

Wait three minutes.

The tea, which has the basic principle of infusion, should be prepared as follows: put water to boil and when it is boiling, pour into a cup and lower it for three minutes. Only then do the tea. If you prepare the tea also using bark and stem of the plants boil the water together with these parts for five minutes.

Prefer herbs in bulk

If you want to take good advantage of the therapeutic properties of tea, buy the herb in bulk. Choose herbs that are packaged in a vacuum. The package must bear the scientific name of the plant, its origin, its expiry date and the part of the plant it contains.

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Right amount of tea

One tablespoon for every 350 ml of water.

See powerful recipes

Combinations of herbs can help fight disease. Now go herbal blender tips for each type of treatment. Put 50 grams of each type of herb in a pot, mix well and obey the dosage above.


Mix holy peel, chilli, camomile, espinheira-santa, carqueja and peppermint. This recipe provides relaxation of the gastrointestinal musculature and is also indicated to fight the formation of gases in the intestine and in the stomach, facilitating digestion. Take half an hour after meals.


Mix cinnamon, ginger, cloves, green tea and sour orange. These pooled plants have the power to aid in weight loss. They potentiate thermogenesis, which is the process regulated by the nervous system that enables the transformation of glucose and fat into energy.

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Mix together garlic, eucalyptus, ginger, lemon, elderberry, willow, licorice and guaco. Very good for strengthening the immune system. Combined herbs have analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.
Tea Anytime: Amazing Benefits Of Tea


Mix stone breaker, leather hat, horsetail, marsh, burdock and dandelion. These herbs together improve the functioning of the kidneys, increase the flow of urine. The plants help in the reabsorption of sodium and water, act in the process of detoxification and in the treatment of urinary infections.

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