Therapeutic Starvation

Therapeutic Starvation – Fasting: To Starve Or Not

“Who wants to be brave – eats meat … Who wants to be healthy – eats vegetables … Who wants to be wise – eats the air Who wants to live forever – does not eat anything!” Ancient Chinese wisdom
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Fasting: To starve or not?

Fasting: the question is not at all idle. For many years and even decades, the controversy surrounding this method of recovery has not ceased. And how many they tell absolutely fantastic stories of “healing from incurable diseases”! One thing is clear: fasting is not the easiest and not the most pleasant way to get rid of extra pounds. But, perhaps, one of the most effective. In addition, it is also an opportunity to prove to everyone that you are strong, successful and beautiful.

However, not everything is so simple. For our body, starvation is a rather severe stress, the breaking of established metabolic processes. Without preparation, you should not subject yourself to such a shock. Therefore, fasting for more than three days can only be under the supervision of a doctor.

Not everyone can starve. Categorical “no” doctors say to teenagers, as well as women during the first year after childbirth and during the onset of menopause, that is, during hormonal changes in the body.

How long to starve during a fast?

For a short one-three-day fasting, no special training is required. Such unloading days give our body a little respite and allow it to start “cleaning” – to ventilate the cells and brush off dust from them. For many, a weekly one-day fasting has become an element of lifestyle, like hobby for low-calorie food or going to the gym.

The most persistent can try themselves in prolonged abstinence from food, which lasts from three to thirty days.

How to starve properly at medical starvation.

Of course, you need to prepare for it in advance, after consulting with your doctor. Experts recommend a week before it begins to go on a vegetarian diet, exclude alcohol, and to normal nutrition to return in the same number of days as the hunger strike lasted. The meaning of prolonged fasting is that, due to a lack of nutrients, the body is engaged in processing unnecessary, gets rid of toxins and toxins.
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The very technique of starvation remains the same – you only need to drink mineral water and forget where the refrigerator is. Difficult? But as a result, the body is cleared, the volume of the fat layer decreases, and the skin condition improves.

First, the body is trying hard to force you to supply food from the outside, so as not to use “reserve” reserves. But “eat yourself” still begins and gives fantastic results. The person is younger, his work capacity is increasing, there is lightness in the body.

Fasting: How to get out of curative starvation

To get out of starvation you need to gently, gradually re-accustoming the body to food. On the first day it is necessary to limit ourselves to juices, which are necessarily diluted with water. Then go to fruits and vegetables, and on the third day you can already afford porridge on the water. After a week, it is allowed to eat dairy products, after them – vegetarian food, with a smooth transition to your usual diet. The circle closes, the body shines like a new nickle, you smile, feeling an unprecedented surge of strength.

The rules of curative fasting

There are several important rules that must be observed if you decide to curative fasting (both short and long):

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  • lead an active lifestyle – only for short goldations;
  • Do not eat more than three liters of water a day – this will create an additional burden on the kidneys;
  • abolish vitamins in tablets – they only benefit with food;
  • be careful about taking medication – during fasting they can act on the body in a different way;
  • try to change the situation: go out of town, into the mountains, abroad – so you will leave the habitual rhythm of life, which includes food;
  • find yourself a company – if you are supported by like-minded people, fasting will be easier and more pleasant.

And the last. When you are starving, you need to maintain a cheerful and cheerful mood. Convince yourself that you are doing an important job for yourself, your beloved. It is in this case, therapeutic starvation will benefit your health.

The Benefits of Fasting

Do you know that hunger prolongs life? Scientists have proved that fasting and healthy nutrition prolongs life and prevents earlier aging and the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases. Every time a person is moderately hungry, substances are produced in the human body that kill unwanted bacteria or simply purify organs that are blocked by malnutrition.

When and how to apply fasting?

Before starvation of any duration it is desirable to prepare the body. For a day, exclude from the diet meat, eggs, milk, cottage cheese, cheese, all flour and fat. It is best to eat vegetables and fruits. When fasting, you need to drink as much as you want, if you, of course, do not “dry”.
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First, you do not have to eat one day a week. This will be an excellent discharge for your body, your gastrointestinal tract will take a break from food and shrink a little, which will allow you to eat a little less than usual in the future.

When one-day fasting became a norm well tolerated, you can go on to 2-3 days of starvation. The body begins to cleanse of toxins and infections.

With a longer starvation of 3 to 10 days, a deep cleansing takes place, excess weight goes away.

For treatment of various diseases 21-25 day fasting are suitable. Long-term (30 days or more) fasting is successfully used in the treatment of high degrees of obesity, skin and mucous ulcers, skin rashes and eczema.

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The best period of fasting is in the summer, when it’s hot and there is no desire to eat. Catch the moment and take this chance. The main thing do not forget in hot, stuffy weather to drink enough water (2-2.5 liters).
It is very important to get out of starvation correctly. If you are hungry for one day, start the next day with a vegetable salad and exclude from the menu products of animal origin, flour and sweet. It is also worth going out of 2-3 days fasting.

The way out of prolonged fasting lasts from 1 to 2 weeks. The transition to normal nutrition should be gradual. The first two or three days, drink juices, then go to grated fruits and vegetables, then include nuts, beans and bread in the diet. After two weeks (no sooner), return to normal diet.

When you leave fasting, it is very important to observe the measure, do not immediately attack everything that is found in the refrigerator. It is clear that in this case the whole effect of the procedure is a nuisance, plus some unpleasant consequences.

What is the use of starvation – Fasting?

After a while you will feel light in the body, and will not want to eat all the time. Of course, first of all remember to follow what you eat and when you do it. For your body you need protein and vitamins, but this does not mean that you can get up at night and eat a piece of fried leg. The protein can always be replaced with nuts, beans, and the remaining vitamins in fresh vegetables and fruits. Try to erase from your diet bad food, which not only does not bring benefits to the body, but also harms it. After proper starvation your body becomes healthier, and you will notice how the rejuvenation occurred before your eyes.

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