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Three Best Face Cream Substitutes

Find out what products are excellent tools for replacing the cream, and also what medicinal properties are coconut oil, milk and beeswax.

Every woman wants to remain beautiful and attractive than longer. Therefore, as soon as the girl begins to grow up, immediately starts using cosmetics, not realizing that while she is young, no cosmetic means are needed.

And then the years pass, we wake up in one day with the understanding that wrinkles appeared, the skin sagged and so on. Then we try to fix this, often with different creams and we come across the fact that there is not much use for them. It’s time to remember the long-forgotten folk remedies.

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Many centuries ago, women used simple improvised means that helped them remain charming. To ensure that wrinkles were less or completely smoothed, they used different vegetable oils, the skin color was bleached with sour milk, and animal fats and oils protected the skin from external irritant factors. Cucumber juice and a decoction of parsley helped to get rid of freckles, and cornflower – from the fat content and porosity of the skin.

As cosmetics used food, but women of the modern world have forgotten about them, because the market is full of a lot of creams and other cosmetics that promise to save the skin. So let’s remember about the folk remedies that can replace the cream.

Coconut oil

The best remedy for sensitive and problematic skin. Coconut oil contains vitamin B (folic and pantothenic acids, pyridoxine, thiamine), which helps to deal with shallow wrinkles and wound, and is also a good panacea for acne. You can apply coconut oil on your face only as part of face masks. In order to avoid edema – do not apply almond or castor oil around the eyes.


Milk high-dispersion fat, containing enzymes, vitamins, minerals, lecithin, sugar, unsaturated fatty acids, rejuvenates your skin. Thanks to this rich composition, your skin becomes again smooth and clean. The above substances have a small particle size (high dispersion) and good fragmentation, so they are well absorbed by the skin and carry a huge healing function.

If you will often wash with milk, the skin will lighten up, get past elasticity and freshness, and also get rid of wrinkles.

Important to remember:

Lactic acid products (in addition to milk, curd and sour cream) make the skin soft, clean, bleach and nourish;

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A high content of alkalis in milk dries the skin;

There are no restrictions in washing with lactic acid products. If you have a problem with the fat content of the skin, use more acidic foods.

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Bee wax cleanses the skin, nourishes and provides a miraculous lifting effect. It should be used as a face mask and the basis for preparing a moisturizing cream at home. Feature – this cream can be stored for a long time. In winter, when the skin is overdried and dehydrated, such cream is indispensable.

As a substitute for the cream, you can use many more products: eggs, cottage cheese, cucumber, lemon, honey and others. The main advantage – you know what to put on the skin, unlike most creams with a huge list of artificial chemical composition. If you use the above products as a face mask, do not add glycerin (absorbs moisture from the skin) and Vaseline (creates a film that does not pass air).

If you have tried many facial creams, including home-made preparations, but there is no effect, you should contact a specialist. Many skin problems are a consequence of internal problems and bad habits.

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