Tight Facial Skin Secrets Every Woman Should Know

Tight Facial Skin Secrets Every Woman Should Know

Tight Facial Skin Secrets Every Woman Should KnowEveryone knows that sports exercises are far from universal: each of them works for the development of certain muscles. If you rock the press, the reward will be a resilient, beautiful, well-tended abdomen without fats and wrinkles. If you deal with the bar, many people around will admire the ideal, powerful muscles.

Just like the press, biceps and triceps, you need to train and face muscles. And do it constantly, daily, regularly. Without special exercises, age changes will begin to attack the skin of the face with cosmic speed very soon.

At 25 years, “crow’s feet” are formed, in 30 the skin becomes dry and begins to lose its former elasticity, in 40 there appears a “sorrowful smile” (the corners of the mouth fall down) and deeper nasolabial folds are drawn. If you want to avoid such a sad age-related changes, aim at long youth and compelling beauty, seek help from face building.

This gymnastics for the face, a specially designed complex of exercises for training the muscles of the face. It can be easily learned at home.

On the one hand, a variety of exercises for the face gives the opportunity to choose. On the other hand, it is confusing, since it is difficult to give preference to one of them. If you liked a complex, first try doing exercises from it: will it work for you, will it be comfortable for you to do them daily?

Below is a versatile rejuvenating complex of exercises for facelift and neck, from which you can begin mastering face building:

Against the fleeces.

Put air in your mouth. Roll the balloon from the cheek to the cheek, trying to maximize the muscles of the cheeks.

Wrinkles on the forehead.

Open your eyes wide, as if you were surprised, while trying not to wrinkle your forehead. Concentrate on any point in the distance, stand still for 15 seconds.

For the elasticity of the lips.

Clench your lips tightly, try to smile, stopping your lips, trying to keep them tight, not opening a bow. Pull them forward, as if for a kiss, pull the cheeks inward. Lock the position for 10 seconds.

Against nasolabial folds.

Smile, lightly press your fingers onto the nasolabial fold. To protect and lift your fingers, tighten your muscles so that your fingers feel this resistance, but do not let go of the skin.

Against the lowered corners of the lips.

Pull your neck forward, draw an air kiss. Strain muscles, start blowing through the air. Attach the index and middle fingers to the lips, press, try again.

Mimic wrinkles.

Open the mouth as much as possible, stick out your tongue, roll your eyes, stay in that position for 1 minute. Make a deep breath through your nose, clench your fists, strain your muscles. Exhale through the mouth, stick out your tongue, bulge your eyes.

Tight Facial Skin Secrets Every Woman Should Know

Against the second chin.

Tilt your head back, feel the bump on the upper palate, press the tongue at him. Turn your head to the left, stretching your neck. Do the same in the opposite direction.

Vertical wrinkles on the forehead.

Tightly press the three middle fingers of both hands to each other, position them along the edges of vertical wrinkles on the forehead. They should be below, at the eyebrows. Tighten the skin with your fingers, slowly begin to spread your arms to the sides. Do not let go of the skin for a minute, pull it, try to move your eyebrows, keep them in a tense state.

Horizontal wrinkles on the forehead.

The index fingers are placed over the eyebrows, repeat the fingers of their shape. Raise your eyebrows in surprise, giving them resistance with your fingers.

Do not be afraid in this matter to experiment and even make up your own set of exercises, which, in your opinion, will fit your skin as much as possible. Ideal gymnastics for the face and neck will be one that will give you maximum pleasure.

Avoid making faces.

Every now and then it’s cool to make funny faces, but frowning, bending your eyes or squeezing your eyes, over time can create wrinkles and worsen existing ones.

Take the pillow off your face.

Known as sleep wrinkles, are those caused by the compression of the face on the pillow all night. If the individual has this habit he must change position and try to sleep on his belly up for example. Some smaller wrinkles may disappear.

Be careful with the diet.

When gaining weight the face is stretched and losing it can cause wrinkles because the skin does not return to its original size.

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Practice regular exercise.

People in good shape generally have a more elastic and healthy skin than those who are not in good physical shape.

Do not smoke.

Cigarette smoking can cause premature wrinkling around the mouth by the years of contraction of the lips to hold it. Smoking can also harm the blood circulation causing the wrinkling of the skin.

Avoid alcohol.

Drinking lots of alcohol can cause wrinkles, as the face swells after drinking too much and temporarily distends the skin.

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