How to win the lottery

Tips for Winning the Lottery

Lottery DominatorThousands and even millions of people play the lottery daily, not realizing that there are ways to help develop the game’s skills. But, before you get acquainted with them, try to remember one main rule of the lottery – nothing and can never increase your chance of winning, like buying several lottery tickets. Undoubtedly, do not be disappointed in yourself at the first failure. After all, fortune is a volatile thing and, for sure, planned your winnings for tomorrow. But, anyway, we recommend using useful tips to minimize all possible negative factors to a minimum.

So, the lottery, unlike other gambling games, has a kind of fateful meaning, which means that it is based on the luck or luck of this or that person. At first glance, it may seem that little depends on the player in the lottery, the main thing is to buy a ticket, without hesitating to cross out the numbers and wait. But this is not so! If you are focused on winning, then everything should be done wisely, although the choice is always yours.

Players in the lottery should know that in this game, as in principle in any other, there are no lucky numbers. Many players believe that the numbers specified in their date of birth probably have some mystical properties and, without hesitation, strike out these numbers in a lottery ticket. I would not want to disappoint you, but believe me, these numbers do not have any magic and certainly can not guarantee you a victory in the lottery. The reason for this statement is absolutely justified. After all, the number of numbers in the lottery played is always more than 31, and from this it follows that you intend, to yourself, limit possible chances for a long-awaited victory in the lottery.

A fairly common advice to players, also covered in the lottery strategy article, do not put on popular numbers. Why? On some groups or combinations of numbers in each draw put hundreds, and even thousands of players. So what, you ask? So after all, if you bet on 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6, and this combination fell out, you will have to share the prize with thousands of others. Of the 10 million jackpot you get a couple of tens of thousands. What are the popular combinations? For example, round numbers 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30, or multiples of seven 14, 21, 28, 35, 42, and 49. Many also mark numbers that make up on the ticket grid various geometric figures or letters of the alphabet – X or M. You also should not have the habit of marking only numbers from the first third. Remember that the numbers from 1 to 9 are the most popular.

All combinations are equally likely to be winning, and therefore the size of the prize will depend only on how many more people decide that it is necessary to bet on a particular sequence. The more people choose it, the less money it can bring to each of them. This idea, which is gaining more and more adherents, in the most simplistic form, is as follows: in some way it is impossible to deceive the system or to trick it by tricks, because the chance of winning is the same for any combination of numbers. That’s why it’s worth playing against other members, trying to predict which option will be the least popular. To take advantage of this psychological principle, it is enough to study the image of the average player, analyzing the factors that can affect the style of his game.
The effectiveness of this technique is related to the fact that absolutely all people think about the same way, so a player with a scientific and psychological approach must adhere to a simple rule: it is necessary to avoid typical combinations (such that most of the opponents would most likely choose) and also not to succumb stereotypes.

Also, the effect is known when the jackpot in any large lottery grows to huge sums. And the more it becomes, the more people buy tickets, and accordingly the jackpot grows even more rapidly. Of course, you can and should strive for maximum winnings, but many players choose lotteries with greater chances of winning, but with a smaller jackpot. It’s up to you.
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Choose numbers that you think will be winning evenly throughout the number series. That is, if you decide to play a lottery, in which you need to choose 6 numbers from 48 offered, divide 48 into 3 parts, each of which will have 16 variants. In each part, choose 2 numbers. Why do people often choose smaller numbers? The fact is that unconsciously many of us believe in the power of “providence” or destiny, so they are guided by various significant dates or ages. If you go against the crowd, then the probability of winning the lottery will greatly increase!

How to win the lottery: twice in one river! This method implies the use of the same numeric combination for all runs. If you have a favorite combination or several combinations, then you can use it for all runs and just wait until it drops out. There is no need to invent a new combination each time. Efforts are minimal.

How much you pay – so much you have! This method involves playing with a deployed bet. This is permissible in lottery lottery, in which you can choose numerical combinations yourself. It turns out that the probability of winning increases due to the fact that not one combination is playing, but several. Of course, it will be much more expensive than usual, but the probability to break the jackpot is incomparably greater. The game is an expanded bet. An unfolded bet is a bet containing more than one numeric combination in the playing field. This technology is applicable in lotteries where the player can choose lucky numbers himself.

First of all, you should not forget systematically, check the numbers you have chosen, with combinations of numbers, which have already been made bets. Pay close attention to other winning combinations of numbers in the lottery, and especially on neighboring numbers. For example, 1-10-12-29-38-50-43 and 14-16-30-31-46-53-13.
These two combinations actually participated in the draw in New York. From this example it follows that the “neighboring numbers” were numbers 12 and 29, because in the subsequent lottery drawing the figures 13,14,30,31 (four of seven) fell out. As a rule, winning lottery numbers have already met before. Being vigilant you can easily calculate the frequency of falling numbers, often or less frequently. This will help to determine how high the probability of winning the lottery.
Create friendly syndicates: the more bets, the more chances. The lottery syndicate is a group of players who purchase tickets by a common bank and distribute the received profit according to the contributed funds. Such a system allows you to make numerous and large bets, while the investments of a particular participant remain within reasonable limits.

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Iron rules for fans of syndicates:
Do not contribute for your friends;
Do not take money for a loan (better miss the circulation, for which you do not have enough funds);
Do not involve members of the group by force or fraudulently;
Do not invite pessimists and losers into the group.
Play, win, and always remember that the lottery winnings depend more on luck, desire and attention than on fictitious scientific calculations.