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Top 5 Types Of Women Who Repel Men

In this article, simply and graphically, we list the types of women who are the most frightening of men. If in one of the descriptions you have recognized yourself, then do not worry. Attach some effort, and you will definitely get to change for the better. Or at least learn how to hide carefully, because we know women are still actresses 🙂

1. “Mercenary calculating bitch”

Such a woman dreams of marrying only to have her companion act as her sponsor. From the very first meeting, she will casually probing the ground in order to learn as much as possible about the financial situation of a man.

It is a pity, but statistics say that in our time more than 30% of women are of this type. Therefore, when you ask yourself the question: “Where are the good, honest and generous men gone?”, Here you have the answer: they have long been harassed by some very self-interested person who ropes from them ropes, and naive handsome men can not understand this, because it is very well camouflaged.
Top 5 Types Of Women Who Repel Men
Representatives of the stronger sex, of course, are afraid of such women, because they are like spiders – long can weave a beautiful and strong web, until the one who needs, will not get into it, staying there forever. That is why you may at first seem that the man is too taciturn, stingy and cautious. If he behaves this way, then he certainly had a negative experience, which now will not allow him to open himself so simply before you and trust.

2. “Unavailable Snow Queen”

This woman is easy to notice in the crowd: an excellent figure, perfect posture, arrogant look and, certainly, too high self-esteem. She in every way shows to men that she is still a fruit and in order to at least go out with her on a date they will need to show originality and somehow surprise her by melting an icy heart a little.

Yes, men know that if they want to conquer a fair sex, then it is necessary to look after her, make pleasant surprises and show other signs of attention. But, they need to know that as a result they will win a good, intelligent and interesting person, and if you fight for a cat in a poke (a woman whose behavior does not make it clear who she really is), then in the end this game will become boring and interesting to such a woman just evaporate, leaving no trace.

Men try to bypass the “inaccessible snow queens” not because they want to find an easier prey, but not to be disappointed once again in women and not to waste precious time on the one that pretends that deserves such, but that’s not exactly So.
Top 5 Types Of Women Who Repel Men

3. “The bolt stuck”

Women who belong to this type, always try to be in the center of attention of their beloved. They call them every minute, write messages, surround them with unnecessary care, from which one wants not just to escape, but fly away forever to another planet, never to be near this woman again.

At first they may seem nice, they are all interesting, they try to spend a lot of time with him, but, as a result, this causes some inconvenience, because it does not hide and hide. The “boltful stick” will also be where he does not expect to see it. She herself get acquainted with all his friends, and soon, and with the parents.

Why are men afraid of such women? But because there is nothing worse than to be in a relationship with a “talkative sticky”. Women should have dignity and pride. It is necessary to know when to impose something, and when to take a deep breath and retreat, leaving him as much space as you might need.

4. Too Affordable

Women who belong to this type do not have to look like painted dolls and dress in too open and frank clothes. Very often they are naive and frivolous little fools who are firmly convinced that if they offer sex to a man on their first date, it will mean that he will want to build a serious relationship with her and a fire of love for her will light up in his heart.

These girls do not notice that they are used only to spend the night together, and to disperse for the morning, as if they do not know at all. They can not refuse and are very fond of when they are interested.
Top 5 Types Of Women Who Repel Men
Most decent men try to bypass the girls of the “second class” side, because if they see him at least once in the company of the one that is notorious, they will start gossiping about the man. Almost all men value their reputation and position in society. They are afraid that they will lose all this. No sex, even the best in the world, is not worth it to lose the respect of friends and acquaintances.

5. “Inadequate hysteria”

These ladies can always find an excuse to cry and roll a tantrum from scratch. Any crooked word they perceive as “a pebble in your garden”. If something does not like it, then everything is resolved by squealing, tears and threats towards the man, that they will commit suicide, if they continue to “continue” this way. A girl who plays the role of a poor victim, quickly gets bored and a little scared. And if she really does something with herself? How then to live, blaming yourself for everything that has happened? It is better to simply bypass the “inadequate hysteria” side, because you can not be around a person only because of the feeling of pity, which arises from a glance at her tear-stained suffering face.
Top 5 Types Of Women Who Repel Men
Representatives of the stronger sex are running at full speed from this type of women also because they are able to “wind” themselves. As the saying goes: “I invented it myself, I quarreled with myself, I took offense myself.” Men do not like to delve into feelings, a hundred times to talk about love and to calm down their eternally weeping companion.

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