Top Tips on How to Maintain a Relationship at a Distance

It is generally accepted that relationships at a distance have no future. Having learned that the chosen daughter lives in another city for thousands of kilometers, parents are more likely to interfere with relations. Girlfriends do not interfere, but stipulate. What to do? Go on the occasion of relatives and give up your feelings or still overcome the situation without breaking your heart to yourself and your loved one?

Top Tips on How to Maintain a Relationship at a Distance

Distance is a bridge to each other

If you learn to live without each other, then you can live together. Perceive the situation as a kind of training manual on building relationships. Believe that the distance can not extinguish the fire that has flared between the two hearts. In this situation, it is especially valuable to identify distance not with an obstacle, but with a bridge over which lovers are connected with each other.
Top Tips on How to Maintain a Relationship at a Distance

The unspoken rules

That at the next meeting there was not misunderstanding and conflict situations, the couple should voice their expectations in advance. It is necessary to discuss not only your desires and listen to the aspirations of your partner, but also agree on those things that none of them should do when they meet. It will be fair if the points in the implicit private “commitment” will be equally for each of the parties.

Approach to communicate creatively

During separation, lovers often call up, but even more often communicate through social networks. It must be remembered that the daily greeting, as well as the romantic wish for “sweet dreams” for the night, must be indispensable attributes. This helps to keep an invisible thread with each other. Partners can creatively approach communication, spread each other more photos and videos from everyday life. You can try to arrange a romantic dinner by candlelight through Skype or spend time watching a new movie online in your spare time. In this case, the partners feel more attention and love towards each other.

Sexual background

Many couples stay on a constant sexual attraction to each other. In the case when love is experienced by distance, physical contact and intimacy are possible only during meetings. In this case, in order to preserve the relationship, it is necessary to warm them up with spicy phrases, provocative descriptions of actions or passionate sexual allusions.

Set goals

Both partners should be clearly aware that relations at a distance in any case are temporary and can not last forever. Either they die, or grow into cohabitation. Lovers can not have uncertainty, they must clearly present the goal to which they will aspire. If lovers draw a schedule in which their desired goals will be on the same sheet – it’s already good.

“I will receive a diploma and move to you forever” – in this phrase there are immediately 2 goals for which it is worth waiting. The man voices his version: “During this time I will take care of having our own housing.” In this case, neither different spaces, nor different time zones can prevent the pair from rejoining in the future, because their goals intersect on the built-in chart.

Avoid “dangerous situations”

The institute group of one of the lovers plans a noisy party with a drink this evening. Of course, there will be many temptations and various variants of the development of events. What should I do in this case? There are two correct solutions:
1.Reject the party at all.
2.To tell my beloved that the event is to be held.
Top Tips on How to Maintain a Relationship at a Distance
There is no third. If the other half ever finds out that the partner is hiding his/her nightly adventures – will be trouble.

Arrival to visit

Different people have different working and training schedules. But, fortunately, there are holiday vacations, holidays, time off and weekends. If you compare the calendar, then for sure there will be periods when lovers can afford to come to visit each other. They are prepared for such meetings, they are waiting for them, they are buying gifts, smartening up, feeding illusions. Such long-lasting visits risk becoming the sweetest moment, the apotheosis in a relationship at a distance. Now the lovers just will not be able to tear themselves away from each other. Vivid sensations will be tested from a simple affectionate look and gentle touch, physical intimacy and is at all capable of causing a powerful fireworks of emotions. At such moments, couples are especially aware of the value of the relationship.

You can not make a partner the center of the universe

During separation, you should not allow yourself to think only about your lover – it is able to plunge into loneliness. Close emotional communication with loved ones will help to avoid loneliness. Parents, brothers, sisters, friends and girlfriends also want their portion of tenderness and attention. At the same time, our relatives give their absolute love in return. To distract from the constant thoughts about a partner, you need to come up with a new hobby: go to the gym more often or watch a banal talk show.

Frankness to each other

Openness and honesty are the guarantee of long-term relationships. Trusting a partner, telling about their problems, fears, jealousies or shortcomings is not at all intolerable, as it is to share the most intimate with a partner. To conceal things for which you will later be ashamed is like putting an awl in a sack. Sooner or later everything will come out, but trust will be lost. To admit one’s own sins and mistakes is to recognize one’s own strength. In addition, a loving person will always offer help and support to overcome the difficult situation.

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Important little things

Do not ignore the little things, they are very important. Living in a different time zone, think, but will not you wake up in the middle of the night of your chosen one. Show your attitude in the media, leaving a comment under a fresh photo in one of the social networks.

Take care of gifts, because they are priceless. Even the simplest things in their energy preserve the warmth and a little bit of the soul of a loved one.

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