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Travel Suggestions: Mountains

Travel Suggestions: Mountains – Save on your holidays

Five little-known mountain systems of the Earth

When they say “mountains”, everyone represents “their own” mountain system, usually it is known to all the Himalayas, the Caucasus, Tien Shan, Alps, Carpathians. Meanwhile, there are many mountain systems on the Earth, the names of which, as they say, “not by ear”, few have heard of these mountains, they are rarely visited by tourists.

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Cedar mountains (Cederberg mountains)

The name of the mountain range as if hints that these mountains are located somewhere in Siberia or in Lebanon. However, there are Cedar Mountains in the Cape mountain system, which is in southern Africa, in South Africa.

In the mountains there is a diverse, typically African fauna, and the flora is surprising because the mountain meadows are covered with delicious flowers in the winter, which in the southern hemisphere falls in June-August. Here (and only here!) Grows an amazing plant “Rooibos”, which is attributed to many medicinal properties.

Tent holidays and eco-tourism are gaining popularity in the Cedar Mountains.

Rocky Mountains

Strange as it sounds, those of us who have never heard this name of the mountain system have probably seen it, and more than once. Not in reality, of course, but on the screen.

The Rocky Mountains, part of the Cordillera mountain system in the northwest of the US and in Canada, American filmmakers have been using for years as a natural setting for filming their “westerns” – films about the Wild West.
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The Australian Alps

In this case, the name does not deceive – this mountain system is really located in Western Australia, for many thousands of kilometers from the “old” Alps.

The first European settlers simply gave the local mountains a familiar name, and the former Poles even named the highest mountain (2228 m) in the system by the name of their national hero, Tadeusz Kosciuszko.

True, the vegetation there is not at all European – eucalyptus, tree-like ferns, and beasts, too – kangaroos, koalas.


Khibiny Mountains

The well-known drinking song “Farewell, rocky mountains” is written not about the American Rockies (see above), but about our Khibiny. This is a mountain system in Russia, on the Kola Peninsula.

A characteristic feature of the Khibiny Mountains is that they do not look like mountains in the usual way. All the elements of the mountain relief seem to have been created by miniatures – low, not long.

Here even the unusual peaks are flat plateaus. Hibiny – one of the most ancient mountain massifs on the planet. And a wonderful “training ground” for a beginner mountain tourist – real, but not dangerous mountains, where you can safely make long hikes and ascents.

Kunlun Mountains

This mountain system with a hard-to-remember name is one of the largest in continental Asia and the only one on whose territory there are active volcanoes. The mountain system of Kunlun is in China, its length is 2500 km. The highest point of the Kunlun Mountains is Aksai-Chin Peak (7167m), climbing to such a height will do honor to any climber.

For the Chinese, adherents of the Taoist religion, Kunlun is a sacred place, here there are a large number of monasteries, pagodas and other religious buildings.

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