How To Treat Blisters: Avoid Pain And Infections

How To Treat Blisters: Avoid Pain And Infections

The main causes of the appearance of blisters:

The most common phenomenon is the reaction of one’s own organism to medications used;
Insect bite in the summer. It can be mosquitoes, bees, bedbugs and others;
Manifestation of a disease such as herpes;

The blister may appear from a normal burn, which occurs frequently in everyday life;
perhaps you have the most simple chickenpox, characterized by the appearance on the body of numerous blisters;
allergic reaction to the stimulus: citrus, nuts, dust, wool, animals, plants;
the same cause can be a fungus on the hands or feet, which in extreme stages manifests itself in the form of bubbles with liquid;
A rare, but possible, cause is a mechanical effect on the skin, through which bacteria and viruses that cause such formation enter.
How To Treat Blisters: Avoid Pain And Infections

What to do if a blister has appeared: first aid

How to remove blisters? Often, immediate measures are not required, however, you should know some rules that relieve the symptoms that worry you:
treatment of the skin with a soap solution, if possible, avoid the inflammation zone;
treatment of the bubble itself with alcohol solution or iodine;
if the bladder is damaged, it should be treated with an antibacterial agent and carefully protected from damage with a band-aid or gauze bandage.

How and what to treat a blister on the skin:

  1. Handle your hands with antibacterial soap and antiseptic.
  2. Make carefully a puncture with a sterile needle and, if possible, get rid of the accumulated liquid inside, pulling it with a syringe.
  3. Handle the site with alcohol-containing products – medical alcohol, iodine.
  4. Apply antibacterial ointment – “Bacitracin”, “Levomekol”, etc.
  5. Shape the result with a bandage or a band-aid, avoiding getting a sticky part on the affected area.
  6. Change the bandage as necessary, but at least once a day.


To ensure your own safety, follow certain rules that will protect you from re-emergence of formations.
How To Treat Blisters: Avoid Pain And Infections
Here are some rules:

  • Avoid situations where you can get burned;
  • Avoid irritants of allergy;
  • Avoid contact with infected herpes, chickenpox, fungus;
  • Watch your hygiene daily.

Certainly, blisters on the skin cause a lot of inconvenience and unpleasant sensations, however, the fight against them is very simple and effective with the right choice of methods and means.

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