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Types Of Diets, Their Features, Positive And Negative Sides

Physicians around the world are trying to find a miracle recipe that will save mankind from unnecessary kilograms. At the moment there are a huge number of methods of weight loss and they all promise a 100 percent result.

Types Of Diets, Their Features, Positive And Negative Sides

But before you decide on a choice, it is worth considering how radical this diet will be, because in order to effectively lose weight without losing health, you must always observe all the nuances of a particular diet.

A huge palette of proper nutrition can be shattered into groups

  1. Monodiet – in the menu, which focuses on a product of one kind. It is planned that losing weight for a long time eats one, rarely two products.
  2. Express diets are designed to reduce weight in a record short time.
  3. Vegetarianism – involves eating only plant food and the perfect rejection of animal protein.
  4. Protein – includes the limiting amount of fat and reduces carbohydrate intake to zero.
  5. Low-calorie diet – allows a fairly large selection of foods, but the caloric content of dishes should be small.

keto diet

Prejudices and oversights of slimming

For a whole week, limit yourself, eat only fruits and vegetables, and at the weekend to serve the festive tables and overeat sharp, fried and fat, thus rewarding oneself for patience. For a short time, a considerable amount of calories is eaten, and the body begins not only to process them, but also to make stock for tomorrow. The whole result, achieved in seven days, goes down the drain.

Calculate and consolidate the result of weight loss without physical exertion.

To grieve and get discouraged if you can not lose the desired amount of kilograms in the time allotted for a diet. It is worth reviewing the timing and results.

The less likely to eat, the faster the hated kilograms will go. Eat small meals every three to four hours, only in this case the metabolic rate is multiplied, which leads to rapid weight loss.

Kilograms are not as volatile as we would like. So it should be, unhurried weight loss is not harmful to health.
Cut down the diet menu even more.
diabetes delicious recipes

Advantages and disadvantages

Diets are different from each other, but most of them have a common goal – saving from excess weight. And all have their pros and cons.

Losing weight does not suffer from severe hunger, as many diets allow a sufficient number of meals.
The opportunity to be in good shape by a certain date.
Some methods help not only lose weight, but also cleanse the body.

Disadvantages of modern dietary nutrition is slightly larger

Deficiency of minerals and vitamins. Unilateral food does not meet the needs of the body.
In most dietary diets, rigid frameworks and restrictions are offered. This is beyond the strength of many, from this frustration and depression.
We necessarily need expert advice. Some diets can do harm.

Even strict restrictions do not tighten the problem areas.

It is worth remembering that a bad mood, will not come to the rescue in the fight against completeness. Sing, laugh and dance more. Fun – this is the first assistant to achieve the cherished goal.

Correctly selected diet has only benefits

Often, the desire to lose weight occurs when excess weight begins to have a negative impact on human health. Weight correction in this case is one of the ways to improve well-being and restore the functionality of the body back to normal. But when you want to lose weight, the important thing is to choose the right diet. After all, you need not only to lose weight and volume, but also with this do not harm yourself and your health.

One of the most harmless and vitaminized diets is the apple diet. Apples contains many useful substances, such as vitamins of group B, iron, potassium, magnesium and fiber, which improve digestion and have many other valuable properties.

The apple diet begins to benefit the body a few days after the start of the application and the effect does not become less throughout the course, for example, with a duration of a month. It is also worth noting that this is a good way to cleanse the body of heavy and not useful food and slag that has accumulated over a long period of time.

There are many varieties of apple diet. The simplest and most common method of application is to exclude from the diet everything except raw apples throughout the course of weight loss. The daily norm of apples in this case is one and a half kilograms. But with such a tight restriction, you need to consume a lot of liquid. It is best if it is not soda water or herbal teas.

Getting Started With The Raw Foods Diet. Techniques For Overcoming Food Cravings. Best Superfoods. Click Here!

A more gentle option is to combine the apple diet with kefir. A glass or half a glass of kefir, each time after another portion of apples will only benefit. It is best not to dwell on any one kind of apples, but to combine different varieties throughout the day and the entire course of weight loss. Usually for seven days of applying this diet, you can lose about five to seven kilograms. But it is worth paying attention to the fact that after such a strict restriction in food, it is necessary to leave the diet with special care and gradually, a sudden change in diet can adversely affect digestion and stomach condition.

Frequent, but small meals, at the heart of which should be mainly fruits and “light” foods will be the best solution during the period of diet, especially in the first week. In the future, you can also experiment and combine your food system based on the apple diet.
Paleo Diet
In addition to the effect of losing weight, useful substances contained in apples, have a positive effect on the body. B vitamins, as well as vitamin A, C, E, contained in apples, strengthen the immune system. The use of a large number of apples contributes to lowering cholesterol in the blood, increasing hemoglobin, strengthening the cardiovascular system, and preventing diseases such as Alzheimer’s, as well as stroke and heart attack.

We choose for ourselves the most suitable and effective diet

Now there is such a wide choice of a wide variety of diets that any woman can get confused in choosing, thereby permanently postponing the implementation of her plans. With the help of the steps below, you can easily and quickly choose from this whole variety the most optimal diet that suits your lifestyle, current state and expected results. You will no longer need to postpone the beginning of the realization of your important goal in the field of nutrition and health.
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1. Define your goals
The desire to go on a diet for different people has different purposes. Someone wants to lose a few pounds or remove excess fat in a certain part of the body, and someone wants to just take care of a healthy diet. Depending on what is your goal, you must find a diet that will help you accomplish your task as soon as possible.
The 3 Week Diet
2. Consider your way of life
Are you an active and always busy person who manages to do everything only on the go? Then it will be difficult for you to adhere to a strict diet, you may not have time to count calories and cook for yourself the right food. In this case, it will be better for you to choose a more flexible diet, which only slightly changes your habitual diet and takes less time.

3. Define your budget
Some diets can be quite expensive. It’s not a secret that some healthy food products can cost more than normal. Also, some diets include specific meal plans for each day of the week. Following such diets will be much more expensive. If you are limited in money, try to choose a diet that is more affordable and offers more different options of food to choose from.

4. Do you need motivation?
Some diets require you to keep a personal diary, consult a dietitian or join various clubs. If you are one of those people who need additional motivation, then you should choose in favor of such diets.

5. Do your research diets on the Internet
A wide variety of information about diets on the Internet can help you find the most suitable one. You need to spend some time online to learn information and feedback about diets on blogs, forums, portals and personal diaries on the Internet.

6. Contact a specialist for assistance.
You can seek help from an ordinary doctor or a specialized nutritionist to more specifically determine your problem and how to solve it. Their advice can be an additional factor in choosing a diet that will most effectively and quickly eliminate your problem.

Today it is very easy to get lost in a huge variety of diets. However, you must spend some time to understand your goals, to learn the necessary information and consult with experts so that the choice of a suitable diet is more obvious.

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