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Types of Tea and Non-traditional Ways of Using

Types of Tea and Non-traditional Ways of Using

Tea is a drink for all time. But tea is used not only in the food industry, but also in the cosmetic industry, as well as in the treatment of various kinds of medical problems.
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There are a huge number of types of tea, which depend on the place of growth, processing technology, time of collection of tea leaves. Therefore, not all teas are the same in their effect on the human body.

tea octagonFor example, in the place of growth distinguish: Chinese, Ceylon, Indian and other teas.

All of them are divided by processing technologies: black, green, red, white, yellow, there is even blue tea.

For example, green tea is obtained by drying the collected leaves, thus preserving its color and leaving as much as possible useful elements.

White tea is obtained from kidneys of special varieties, they are covered with white hairs on top, hence its name. The principle of treating the kidneys for this tea is to keep the kidney as unchanged as possible.

Red tea differs little from black, but it can be determined after brewing, when the leaf is unfolded, the middle of the leaf is green and the edge is red.

Black tea is the most fermented and goes through all the stages of tea processing. It takes a long time to manufacture it, about a month.

Blue tea – its name is not associated with the color of the drink, but rather with the color of the leaves of tea from which it is made, they are light blue or even turquoise.

According to the size of leaves, tea can be: large leaf or as it is also called whole leaf, medium leaf and small leaf.

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Tea is also divided according to the type of additives: herbal, fruit, flavored.

All kinds of tea in its effect on the processes in the human body, but they can be used not only as a tasty and healthy drink, but also used in other areas of life.

Green and herbal tea can be used as a bath for the body. This bathing will moisturize the skin and give it tone. When adding melissa and lavender, you can arrange a relaxing procedure after a hard day’s work. Also, such baths can be taken in the presence of irritations on the skin.

The infusion of green tea can be treated with small abrasions and cuts, since it has antiseptic properties and accelerates healing.

Just for a long time known by all means from bags under eyes, are lotions from black tea.

Girls will find in rinsing black tea, not expensive, but effective means for strengthening and shining hair. But you need to consider that this procedure dyes the hair, so it does not fit the fair sex with blond hair.

Black tea helps to quickly resolve hematoma, you need to apply a compress to the bruise and the bruise will pass much faster.

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Also, tea can be used to absorb unpleasant odors, for example in sports shoes. It is only necessary to put a couple of tea bags at night and by the morning from the smell there will be no trace.

The tea leaves left after use can be used to accelerate the growth of indoor flowers.

Also, tea is used for medical purposes, it is capable of blood pressure in blood vessels, so strong tea is advised to take hypotonic drugs, but, of course, in moderate amounts. A green tea struggles with the accumulation of cholesterol in the vessels.

With catarrhal diseases it is useful to drink tea with lemon, it will help in the fight against bacteria and viruses. With a cold, green tea is used to wash the nasal cavity. With angina – like a gargling for the throat.

Tea compresses help with the treatment of minor burns.

Although tea has a huge variety in use, it is still most often used as a tasty drink that warms in the cold and creates a pleasant atmosphere for communication.

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teaHerbal teas: selection rules

Herbal teas are becoming more popular and popular. And, accordingly, their range is expanding day by day. In addition, you can buy herbal tea not only in pharmacies, but in almost every supermarket and wellness salon. And while the teas are not as safe as it seems. But how to understand what kind of herbal tea to choose, so that he brought benefits to the body or, at least, did not harm ?!

What is herbal tea

To begin with, let us immediately understand that almost any herbal tea is actually not a warm water, but an infusion (so called this dosage form) of one or more (medicinal collection) of medicinal plants. Have noticed, that in one sentence three times the word “medicinal” has sounded ?! Therefore, like any medicine, each herbal tea has its indications for use, contraindications, composition, manufacturer and expiration dates.

Distinguish the following varieties of herbal teas:

Monochai – when in its composition there is only one medicinal plant (for example, linden color).

Herbal tea is based on black or green tea (for example, green tea with mint).

Herbal collection – consists of more than two herbs. Often has a commercial name (for example, multivitamin tea) or a name based on the main effect of the collection (for example, choleretic, diuretic, from high blood pressure, etc.).

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Herbal tea and allergies

Virtually any herbal tea can cause allergies. If you already know that you, for example, have an allergy to leotard, never use tea with it. Read the labels beforehand!

If your herbal tea contains vegetable raw materials that you have never used before, the first 2-3 meals should consist of a half dose (brew 1 sachet for 2 cups and share it with someone), and also it should in the first days be taken with a break of 1 day. This is necessary in order to have time to understand whether there is an allergic reaction to this herbal tea or not.
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Most often, an allergic reaction to herbal tea manifests itself in the form of dry and itchy skin, the appearance of a small itchy rash. Less often there are severe reactions in the form of edema, loss of consciousness, respiratory failure. The latter is most often found in people who already had such a reaction in the past or suffer from allergic diseases (for example, bronchial asthma).

If you have an allergic reaction to herbal tea, immediately stop drinking it and go to the pharmacy, where you will be recommended one of the antiallergic agents (tavegil, suprastin, claritin, ketotifen, erius or others). If within 4-5 hours after taking the medicine the allergy will progress, it is better to consult a doctor. In this case, you must remember for the rest of your life what you were allergic to. And, of course, never again to use these herbs in any form (do not forget that essential oils from them too can be dangerous for you).

Health-Benefits-Of-Ginger-TeaHerbal tea: how to take

If there is no other instruction on the package, herbal tea is taken 150-1 200 ml 2-3 times a day for 20-30 minutes before meals. You can drink herbal tea with honey or sugar.

Herbal tea with immunostimulants and adaptogens (oregano, eleutherococcus, echinacea, etc.) and teas, the very name of which indicates their action (to improve immunity, anti-cold, etc.), can not be taken more than three weeks in a row.

Any herbal teas can not be taken for a long time (more than three weeks), without consulting a doctor, or if not appointed a doctor for a long time. And you should immediately stop taking any herbal tea when there are any negative changes (abdominal pain, diarrhea, constipation, headache, etc.).

When choosing a herbal remedy, one must take into account its effect (as a rule, everything in the title) and know what chronic diseases your health is complicated with. At a minimum, hypotension should not take tea, which is intended for people with high blood pressure. Therefore, when choosing a herbal diet, use common sense and your knowledge about your own health.

The most universal teas that can be taken for a long time without fear of allergy and side effects are fruit and berry teas. They help to strengthen immunity, saturate the body with vitamins and minerals. In addition, they are very tasty.

Enjoy your tea party!

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