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Weight-Loss Days – Benefit And How to Properly Carry out

Before talking about the benefits of fasting days, you need to understand what they are. This practice involves the consumption during the day of the same type, usually low-calorie foods or the complete rejection of solid foods. Natural Beauty Product - Weight-Loss Days

Weight-Loss Days – Benefit and How to Properly Carry out

For the existence of weight-loss days, for sure, every woman heard, but only to try them on themselves are not all solved. And completely in vain. According to many qualified nutritionists, the regular observance of unloading days is very useful, and not only for those who want to get rid of excess kilograms.

What benefits do handling days bring?

Variants of weight-loss days can be very different, their main difference being the products used. Most often, the unloading is done on a certain vegetable, fruit, cereal, sour-milk product, on juices, herbal teas or even only on water. Each of these options will be effective, since it will cope well with its main task – it will give the body a breather, cleanse the intestines from accumulated debris in it and withdraw excess fluid.
If you use weight-loss days for weight loss, you need to consider the calorie content of foods and their ability to influence weight. It is believed that more than others contributes to the loss of extra kilograms of cucumber or apple unloading day, followed by kefir, followed by buckwheat, oats, etc. However, you should not eat enough that by observing them, you can quickly lose weight. In this case, the weight will go away gradually, but the result will remain for a long time.

The main advantage of weight-loss days before fashionable diets can be considered that they do not cause harm to health, but, on the contrary, improve one’s health. Regular cleansing of the body gives extraordinary ease, improves digestion and skin condition, energizes and improves mood.
How to organize unloading days correctly

The correct unloading day involves preparation, and then a smooth exit. For this, on the eve of “unloading”, starting from lunch, you should give up heavy food, for dinner you can limit yourself to a light salad, a fruit or a glass of kefir, before bedtime it is recommended to make an enema. Not the next day after unloading, try not to overeat and consume only low-calorie light foods.
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To make the unloading day as easy as possible, to pick it up, choose products that you like and which you can easily buy. In addition, follow a few simple rules.

  • It is recommended to organize a fasting day not once a week. An exception can be only too much weight, in this case, “unloading” is permissible to do every three days.
  • Avoid heavy physical activity during the unloading day.
  • Consume food in small portions, but as often as possible.
  • The menu of a day of loading must consist of one product, but sometimes the number can be increased to two. The amount of food consumed can be different, in many respects it depends on the chosen product, lifestyle and weight of a person. The average recommended rate of vegetables, fruits or berries – no more than 2 kg, protein food – no more than 0.7 kg, milk or kefir – no more than 1.2-2 liters, cereals, as a rule, can be eaten without restrictions, but too zealous still not worth it.
  • Be sure to increase the amount of water consumed.
  • At the time of discharge, discard completely the salt and sugar.
  • The sauna will be much more effective during the unloading days, and massages are also very useful during this period.
  • In order to make the effect of “unloading” really good, on ordinary days adhere to the principles of proper, healthy nutrition and try to move more. If you abuse harmful products, you will hardly get positive results.

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The most popular and effective weight-loss days:

kefir, carrot, pumpkin, apple, rice, banana, buckwheat, cottage cheese, cucumber, watermelon, juice, milk, cabbage, grapefruit, oatmeal, chicken breast, yogurt and green tea.

Most often the girls in pursuit of excellent results choose the most stringent unloads – kefir or a day on the water – in the hope of obtaining a more effective result. This gives rise to an understanding of unloved days of unloading, and those who lose weight perceive unloading as hungry,  without even imagining that these days can be the most enjoyable and favorite day of the week.
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The main thing is to remember three important rules that will easily turn your hungry day into the most beautiful and easy.

Rule one: tuning the strings

Everything is exactly the same as with a guitar. After all, when the instrument is upset, it sounds, to put it mildly, not very, and even the most talented guitarist will not play well on it. So start with the right thoughts – tune the strings in your head. Stop taking unloading as a very difficult and hungry day.
We are unloading only one day a week, when all your digestive organs rest and for this they then tell you thank you for the wonderful state of health and metabolism.

Unloading is the day that does not allow your weight to stop (which is important!) And causes the body not to accumulate, but to give!

Unloading day is a great opportunity to develop discipline and increase the effectiveness of your willpower. Later we will get used to these days, they will become an integral part of our life.

Therefore, it is important to set it all in our head and accept the fact that the unloading is much more useful than reluctance to endure a hungry day!
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Rule two: too good – not good

You are seriously mistaken if you think that from five days off instead of one you will strengthen the effect of losing weight. This is not unloading, but starvation!

Too frequent unloading days will sooner or later lead to a breakdown, increase appetite, and constant hunger tortures will only harm your health, so the most effective unloading should not be more than once a week!

Sometimes it is possible to make exceptions when there comes a plateau (a weight stop). In this version, you can make a week of unloading to speed up the process of losing weight and prevent the weight from getting stuck. It is necessary to do this in extreme cases, when the weight is more than 10 days, and not more than once in 3-4 months.

Rule three: write a tasty story

Believe me, without an interesting story, no film will be exciting, it will be just boring and as a result of failure, it’s unlikely you will want to revise it again.
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So it is with a fasting day. If it is boring, tasteless and always the same, you are unlikely to love it.

The most important thing is to love the product on which you arrange a fasting day, and even more importantly, be able to alternate your favorite products.
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Paleo Diet - weight-loss days


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