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The Most Useful Food To Keep Good Health

If you get sick, then change your way of life; if it does not help, then revise your diet; if that did not help, then go to the doctor.

The Most Useful Food To Keep Good Health

Understand, your body has a magnificent property – self-healing. And if something starts to hurt, it does not mean that you need to go to the doctor, but that you are doing something wrong (deeds, food, aspirations, thoughts …). And to get rid of the pain / illness, you need to analyze your life and make changes that will relieve the ailment. If you go to the doctor, he will take away the symptoms. But it will take a little time, and the illness will return again, since you did not get rid of the main thing – the cause of the pain.
If you stop trusting your body and continue to destroy it, paying no attention to the signals (pain) that it sends to you, that you change something in yourself, and instead start going to doctors and pharmacies, then you’ll get into the cycle of pain, doctor-pharmacy-pain-doctor-pharmacy…

First time the transition to a healthy diet can be difficult and unaccustomed, as the body is cured and used to harmful food. Therefore, natural food may not seem so tasty and satisfying hunger. But it will take a little time, and the body will begin to clean from debris that has accumulated over many years from improper nutrition, will start to work properly, and instead of pain, heaviness, fatigue and laziness, there will appear sensations of lightness, vitality, freshness and joy.

Reconsider your diet.

natural painkillerWhat part of the whole meal is the main food (which brought the body natural vitamins and trace elements) – vegetables, fruits, nuts? And what part is taken by food, which not only has no value, but rather harms you (and you do not use it because the body lacks this food and you want to eat it, but because this food has already become familiar to you you).


A very valuable bromelain substance makes pineapple irreplaceable for people who watch their weight, as it helps to break down fat.


Have enveloping, Vasodilation and soothing effect. They are useful for digestion, protect the walls of the stomach from the harmful effects of spicy and salty foods. Among banana lovers, patients with stomach ulcers are rarely found. Because of the high sugar content, bananas are not recommended for those who are overweight, but they are necessary in the nutrition of people who have heart problems.


A wonderful dietary product. It improves metabolism, increases appetite, speeds up urination, normalizes blood pressure, helps with heart disease, helps to cleanse the body of radionuclides. Grape juice reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood, has a tonic effect.
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Juice of sweet pomegranates is useful in kidney diseases, and sour juice is a remedy for stones in the kidneys and gall bladder. Pomegranate juice quenches thirst well during feverish conditions, acts as an antipyretic. Acid pomegranates are contraindicated in diseases of the stomach with high acidity, and also with enterocolitis.


A large amount of potassium makes it useful in diseases of the cardiovascular system, but because of the high caloric content, figs can not be taken with a tendency to overweight.


Activates mental and physical performance, reduces blood pressure, increases the secretion of gastric juice. This berry is useful for kidney and bladder diseases. Cranberry juice has antipyretic and bactericidal action (and even affects bacteria that are difficult to antibiotic). Cranberry juice and cranberry juice prevent the formation of kidney stones, stimulate the function of the pancreas. It is not recommended to eat cranberries and dishes from it with liver diseases and ulcerative processes in the stomach and intestines.


Dishes from zucchini contribute to better intestinal peristalsis and gallbladder emptying, they are also useful for patients receiving antibiotics. Especially recommended zucchini, like a pumpkin, for women to prevent gynecological diseases.


gastritisThe very low calorie content of cabbage combined with a rich set of vitamins and biologically active substances makes it possible to use it in the diet of people with overweight, obesity, atherosclerosis. Cabbage creates a feeling of satiety at a very low calorie content. It is useful in colitis, atony of the stomach, diseases of the liver and gallbladder, gastritis with low acidity, but is not recommended for flatulence and increased acidity of the stomach.


In traditional medicine, tangerines are used for general strengthening of the body. Because of their low caloric content, they can be recommended to people who follow the figure. Mandarins are useful for prevention of atherosclerosis.


Increases the tone of the body, has a rejuvenating effect, slows the growth of cancer cells, suppresses the development of putrefactive processes in the intestines, helps with anemia. In carotene, carrots are superior to other vegetables. In order for the body to absorb a significant part of the carotene contained in carrots, it must be filled with oil or sour cream.
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Because of the high content of vitamins P and C, pepper has a beneficial effect on blood vessels – increases the elasticity of capillaries and reduces their permeability. Pepper promotes the excretion of cholesterol from the body and, thereby, prevents the development of atherosclerosis. Among other things, it is an effective remedy against colds, asthma and bronchitis.


Previously, it was believed that tomatoes contribute to the deposition of salts (gout). But this is not so. Tomatoes increase appetite, improve the pancreas, have a harmful effect on intestinal bacteria. They have anti-sclerotic and antirheumatic effect, are useful in violation of blood circulation, senile deterioration of vision, prostate adenoma.


Roots of turnip have an expectorant, laxative and diuretic action, and having a yellow flesh, in addition, have the property to prevent the development of tumors.


The fruits of red mountain ash are used in medicine for the prevention and treatment of beriberi, as an astringent. A syrup from freshly harvested fruit of the mountain ash is useful in rheumatic pains, hypertension, liver diseases, gastritis with low acidity.

Fruit of chokeberry (Aronia)

They have the property of lowering blood pressure, strengthening the walls of blood vessels. It is enough to eat a handful of arugula a day in the season.


Very useful for normalizing the digestive system. It helps to remove radioactive substances from the body, improves fat metabolism, lowers blood pressure.
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Has a diuretic, choleretic, mild laxative effect. It helps to lower the level of cholesterol in the blood, useful for obesity and atherosclerosis. Dishes from a pumpkin are recommended for use in diseases of the prostate gland.
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Useful for cardiovascular diseases, because they contain a lot of potassium. Dates are indispensable for physical exhaustion and exhaustion, but because of the high caloric intake of overweight people, their consumption should be limited.


Quite often persimmon recommended for diet. Its jelly-like pulp contains many pectins that help to remove ballast substances from the body. But the astringent pulp of persimmon can provoke laryngospasm in people who are more sensitive to the throat.

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Rich in iron, so they have a beneficial effect on the circulatory system. They are useful when there is a metabolic disorder and a decrease in appetite. Apples contribute to the excretion of oxalic acid, cholesterol, radionuclides. Caloric content of apples is low, which makes them a valuable product of therapeutic nutrition for people with excess weight.

Some tips:

  1. Do not drink while eating. Drink preferably 10-15 minutes before meals and 1-2 hours after it.
  2. If you are very tired or overexcited, do not sit at the table until you have a rest for 15-20 minutes.
  3. Eat fruit separately from other foods – on an empty stomach, for 20-30 minutes before eating.
  4. Drink up to 2-3 liters of fluid per day.
  5. In the morning, eat easily digestible food, in the evening, if desired, you can use hard to digest.

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Junk food

Food that should be excluded from the diet: refined sugar and products containing it – jams, jellies, canned goods, cud, cake, marmalade, ice cream, sherbets, sweet drinks, pies, cookies, puddings, sweetened fruit juices, canned fruit. Ketchup, mustard, spices, green olives, crispy fried fatty potatoes, roasted nuts, salted bread, pearl rump, dry flakes.

Food saturated with fats, processed or refined oils are enemies of your heart. Also, food containing cottonseed oil, margarines containing fats, and processed oils, coffee and coffee drinks, alcohol, tobacco. Fresh pork and products from it. Smoked fish of any sort, smoked meat (ham, bacon), fatty sausages, fried beef and other types of meat foods containing salts of nitric acid.

Products from white flour, old, stale salads and overdone potatoes.


This product, which you put into food every day, you are destroying your body. Pay attention to the following facts:

  1. Salt is not food! There is no justification for its use.
  2. Salt can not be digested, absorbed and used by the body. It has no nutritional value. On the contrary, it is harmful and can cause disease of the kidneys, bladder, heart, vessels. Salt can cause water retention in the tissues. Salt does not contain any vitamins, organic substances.
  3. Salt can act as a heart poison, which increases the painful sensitivity of the nervous system.
  4. Salt promotes the removal of calcium from the body and affects the mucosa of the entire gastrointestinal tract.

Tea and coffee

They act like alcohol, they are stimulants, they harm the body. For example, both in tea and in coffee contains caffeine – a potential drug. In two cups of coffee or tea is a pharmaceutical dose of caffeine, sufficient to stimulate the brain and lead to an increase in blood sugar levels. At first you may feel more energetic, but soon the excitement will be replaced by fatigue. The sugar level will drop below the usual mark, and you will feel more tired than before.

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