Vegetarianism Is A Fashion Or Vital Necessity

Since childhood, we have been taught to eat meat, with the full conviction that meat is the most necessary product in the diet and it must be eaten. But what harm and benefit is obtained from this – no one thought. The meat was eaten by our parents, parents of parents, the tradition was observed for centuries, and it was very difficult to accept any opposite opinion.

Vegetarianism Is A Fashion Or Vital Necessity

Let us turn to the device of the human body. Let’s start with the teeth. Unlike the mouth of a tiger or other predators, there are no canines in the mouth of a man. There are two pairs of anterior canines, but all the remaining teeth are flat. Such teeth are present in all herbivores. Predators generally do not have flat teeth – they do not need them, because they do not feed on grass.
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Accordingly, we immediately make the right conclusion that people are not predators and should not eat meat. The presence of fangs is necessary for a person to gnaw a hard fibrous food – fruits, cabbage and the like. Although their presence is not necessary at all and most often their function in the mouth is simply fixation of the bite, not more.

Another strong argument in favor of vegetarianism is our intestines. Unlike predators, it is much longer. It is estimated that predators have a length of 3 times the length of the body and food in it for a long time does not linger. Herbivores have 6-10 times, and a human has 6 times the body length, so food is delayed much longer.

Vegetable food decomposes slowly and is easily excreted, and meat – decomposes much faster, releasing poisonous toxins, the most dangerous of which is ptomaine. No matter how good the meat is, the ptomaine is still present in the body of the dead animal, and with increasing temperature its quantity only increases. All these toxins get into the blood of a person and with age they turn into diseases of internal organs and skin.

When chewing food from humans and herbivores, the process of food processing begins already in the mouth, predators do not chew food – they gnaw it and immediately swallow it. This is an obvious fact. In addition, in predators in the stomach, the concentration of hydrochloric acid is 10 times greater than that of humans and herbivores.

This is necessary for digestion of tendons and bones. In other words, in the human stomach, meat food is not generally digested at all and clogs the intestines with whole lumps that eventually harden and remain in the intestines, reducing its permeability.

So where is the benefit, which is repeated for centuries? After eating meat, you first feel satiety, strength, but after a couple of hours really comes a terrible fatigue, although by this time the eaten meat is just beginning to digest through the intestine. And if meat, and even bread, you want to lie down in general! After this, coffee, alcohol is usually used, and if it does not help, then nobody will refuse the tablet from indigestion.

And why not eat meat instead of a banana, for example, or a vegetable salad with butter? Sity will be no less, and well-being – cheerful. In beans are full of protein, in green – fiber, in vegetables – carbohydrates, in fruits – vitamins and so on, and so on.

Every living being fully develops when he eats what is destined for him by nature. Spider as much feed dead flies, but still he will die of hunger, because he is supposed to live alive. Home dogs and cats as much as feed dry food, but still natural food is more useful to them than all these sets of trace elements in breadcrumbs. Similarly, a person – a vegetarian diet is shown, so you must eat and not deceive yourself with false ideas.
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Probably Nature, giving birth to us, did not plan to turn people into infirm and sick creatures, but rather vice versa. It is a pity that a person always has a choice of action, unlike animals, otherwise we would all be vegetarians, healthy and happy.

Since there is no single statistics, the question “how many vegetarians in the world” can not be answered with confidence. The results of the research conducted in this field have a fairly wide spread. Basically, figures are indicated in the range from 800 million to 1.5 billion people. Statistical research presents certain difficulties due to the variety of vegetarian diets and, as a consequence, the lack of the opportunity to give a universal answer to the question “what is vegetarianism”.

However, all vegetarian diets, without exception, basically have a refusal to eat animal flesh and compensate for the resulting “food gaps” caused by products of plant origin.

The motivations of adherents of such diets can be very different, beginning with medical, philosophical and moral-moral beliefs and ending with economic reasons on the terrain where meat and chicken are quite expensive.

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We will not go into the pros and cons of a vegetarian diet, give arguments about the benefits and dangers of vegetarianism. Whether to become a vegetarian is a question for which every person should find the answer himself.

If you decide to become a vegetarian, but are afraid for your health, you should follow the recommendations:

It should be remembered that in order for vegetarian food to become an element of a healthy lifestyle, it is not enough to exclude meat, fish, etc. from their diets. In order not to harm your body, it is necessary to diversify your menu with products containing in their composition those vitamins and microelements, the deficit of which can be caused by the absence of usual food on the table. For example, beans, green vegetables, nuts and mushrooms are good sources of iron and calcium.
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Vegetable food, with the exception of legumes, is digested faster, so eat better often and in small portions.

Vegetable salads it is more expedient to prepare directly before the use – so they better preserve vitamins.

If it’s hard for you to sharply exclude from your diet food of animal origin, try to do it gradually, first by giving up red meat. Subsequently, the rejection of chicken, fish and other products will not be so painful.

To avoid dehydration, drink at least 2 liters of water a day. Drink 30 minutes before and 40 minutes after eating – the best option.

If you are worried about the monotony of vegetarian cuisine, get a vegetarian cookbook or look for themed sites and communities – you will be pleasantly surprised at how varied, tasty and original the dishes prepared according to vegetarian recipes can be.

And, most importantly, have fun! If you feel that you are tormenting yourself with vegetarian austerity, then you will not last long. But if you feel that you are benefiting not only your health, but the environment, and at the same time eating tasty and healthy food, this will reinforce your motivation, and it will be much easier for you to stick to a vegetarian diet for a long time.Paleo Diet

How to diversify the food. Tips for a Beginner Vegetarian

In the vegetarian diet, meat, chicken, fish and seafood of animal origin are definitely excluded. Also part of the vegetarians deliberately ignored eggs, milk and dairy products, sometimes even honey. Therefore, people whose diet is based primarily on meat and other animal products, it is difficult to imagine how varied and rich a vegetarian table can be – they think that it is boring, lean and completely composed of cucumbers, salads and greens. Beginner vegetarians sometimes also have difficulty in planning their menu, not knowing what a vegetarian can cook for himself.

How to make a vegetarian menu varied? This will help a few simple rules of vegetarian food.
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Refuse from the conventional division of the garnish / hot – it seriously impoverishes the diet. Prefer boring side dishes for self-serving dishes, for example, vegetable stews, casseroles, soups, vegetarian pilaf, spaghetti with vegetables and sauces, etc.

Remember that in order for the transition to vegetarianism to be painless, and vegetarian food to be balanced, interesting and healthy, you can not just exclude some animal products from your diet, without compensating them. You must include in your menu new products and dishes, or increase the portions of those that were present at your table and before deciding to switch to vegetarianism, combine them in a new way.
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Serve dishes (for example, rice, pasta, potatoes) with a variety of sauces and use when cooking spices.

Today many products have ceased to be exotic, for example, avocados, asparagus, green beans, fruits from hot countries and many others – dishes with them are now present not only in restaurant menus, but also in home cooking. Experiment more often, try new combinations.

To the main course, add salads from fresh vegetables. Vegetables combine well with each other, so there are many recipes for vegetable salads. In addition to classic cucumbers and tomatoes, use leeks, onions, celery, Chinese cabbage, carrots, cauliflower and broccoli, sweet peppers, boiled potatoes, greens, etc. in the salads.

In addition, pay attention to how rich the vegetarian products range in grocery stores.

In addition to fresh products and cereals, a wide selection of vegetarian semi-finished products (frozen vegetable mixes, etc.), which are less harmful to semi-finished meat. A variety of vegetables, legumes and mushroom canned foods (lecho, vegetable caviar, pickled cucumbers, tomatoes, capers, asparagus, mushrooms, corn, green peas and beans under different sauces), dairy products (for example, different cheeses – emmental, brynza, cheddar, curd cheese, etc.), soy products (for example, tofu). Not all of them are healthy, because harmful foods are also used in the production of vegetarian products, so carefully study the packaging of the product before purchasing.

Currently, the notion that a vegetarian diet is boring, monotonous and can not be interesting, has nothing to do with reality. A vegetarian table can be not only delicious, but also able to satisfy the needs of the most demanding gourmets.

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