Water – Benefits, Harms, Rules – Improve Your Health

Water is needed for the full operation of the organs of hearing and vision, for proper circulation and digestion. A prolonged water deficit in the body leads to hallucinations and death. Therefore it is important to regularly drink clean water.Magical Towel Cleans With Only Water

The Benefits of Water

In the question of drinking water with food, rely on the sensations: if after joint use, there are heaviness and swelling, then give up this method. But always drink a hard and dry food, otherwise provoke discomfort or serious digestive disorders.

Provides thermoregulation

At physical activity or at a high temperature the organism allocates sweat which cools the body. But with the subsequent moisture goes away, therefore, its periodic replenishment is required. Water controls the temperature of the body, avoiding overheating.

Reduces feelings of fatigue and anxiety

In case of nervous overstrain, the heart, vessels and kidneys work with increased stress and moisture is intensively released. If you experience stress or weakness, take a glass of clean water. This will restore the heart rate and help to escape from negative emotions, feeling a surge of energy.

Normalizes digestion

Lack of water increases the acidity of the gastric juice and, as a result, heartburn occurs. To get rid of the problem, drink a glass before eating.

Promotes weight loss

Batmanghelidzh Fereydoon in the book “Your body asks for water” argues that people tend to take the usual thirst for hunger and rather try to eat. In that case, drink a glass of water: if the desire to eat has passed, then you just wanted to drink.

One of the rules of proper nutrition is the need to drink a glass for half an hour before a large meal. So you “deceive” the stomach, returning a feeling of satiety and reduce the likelihood of overeating. In addition, water before meals will accelerate the production of gastric juice, which will help the food to digest better.The 2 Week Diet

Clears the body and increases immunity

Water removes toxins and toxins and fights infections. It’s no accident during a cold or similar illnesses doctors advise drinking plenty of fluids. Water “flushes out” disease-causing molecules from the surface of mucous membranes.

Strengthens the joints

Water is a natural lubricant for joints. She supports the work of the joints in the norm. This is important for people experiencing increased stress on the lower extremities or spending most of the day on their feet. The use of water will manifest in the development of joint fluid, which protects the joint from destruction and reduces soreness.

Prevents the development of cardiovascular diseases

Difficulties with concentration and poor memory – a signal from the brain that there is little fluid in the body.

The thickened blood complicates the work of the heart and requires more effort. This increases the risk of ischemia. Water dilutes blood, resulting in a reduced risk of developing a stroke or heart attack.

Helps to cheer up

The use of water in the morning is help in awakening. A few sips will cheer you up faster than a loud alarm bell. In addition, water on an empty stomach displays stagnant slugs and toxins in the digestive tract.

Improves skin condition

To maintain the youthfulness and beauty of the skin, regularly take clean water. Dehydrated skin looks dull, dry and flabby. Water will restore the skin elasticity and healthy color.

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Harm of water

Water damages when there is a lack or an overabundance in the body. Let’s consider the basic situations when water worsens the person’s well-being:

Drinking ice water. Sometimes people drink only cold water or ice cubes, especially during the hot season. The reason is the argument that such water quickly quenches thirst. But this is a lie. Ice water can cause spasm or rupture of blood vessels, leading to loss of consciousness or hemorrhage in the internal organs. Other negative consequences are digestive problems, worsening of diseases of the musculoskeletal system.
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The use of boiling water. Too hot water irritates the gastric mucosa and develops an ulcer or pancreatitis.

Use only boiled water. Boiled water has an altered molecular structure, so it does not saturate cells with moisture. Harmful will be boiled water, which was re-heated to 90 ° C or which stood for several hours. Regularly change the water in the kettle and daily use “live” clean water.

Excessive use of water. Overabundance of water in the body gives a double burden on the kidneys, the heart and promotes excessive sweating. As a result, edemas and excessive sweating appear.

Deficiency of water in the body. With dehydration, there is a headache, weakness, irritability and a broken stool.

The use of contaminated water. Well, spring, melted or tap water that has not been cleaned (filtered) is a source of dangerous bacteria. It contains chlorine, pesticides and heavy metals. To avoid detrimental effects, install a water treatment system or purchase a filter. Do not forget to change the cassettes, otherwise there will not be any use for the device.
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“Wrong” water on an empty stomach. An adverse effect will appear if the liquid contains additives (for example, sugar).

Which water is more useful

To understand what kind of water will be useful, distribute the “types” of water in places.

Purified (filtered) water

In the first place in terms of the content of nutrients is normal water that has been cleaned. It retains natural healing properties and does not contain hazardous impurities.

Manufacturers of filters for cleaning offer products for every taste: membrane, storage, ion exchange, flow. If you follow the rules of using filters, there will always be fresh and clean water in the house.

Melt water

After freezing, the composition changes. Meltwater does not contain heavy isotopes, carcinogens. Its molecules decrease in size. Regular use accelerates metabolic processes in the body, removes toxins and toxins and improves blood composition.
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When introducing melt water into the diet, remember the nuances:

  • use only filtered, bottled or distilled water;
  • freeze in plastic bottles or plastic containers;
  • Melt water retains medicinal properties for only 8 hours;
  • take gradually: from 100 ml. in a day.

Water with natural additives

For a change, add to the liquid natural ingredients – lemon, honey, herbs and berries. Natural components are useful for humans:

  • honey – antioxidant, gives a feeling of satiety and calms the nervous system;
  • lemon – increases immunity and helps to digest heavy food,
  • herbs and berries – have a curative effect.

Boiled water

The advantage of such water is that when the boiling is changing the chemical composition. Dangerous bacteria and germs, turning into steam, volatilize. The rigidity of boiled water is reduced, so the use of boiled water favorably affects the health of the kidneys, joints and the gastrointestinal tract. But complete disinfection is possible only by boiling for 10-15 minutes.

How to drink water properly

To “healing moisture” was only beneficial, remember the rules of use:

Give preference to fresh, purified water, not substitutes. If you want to diversify the “water” diet, choose mineral water and freshly squeezed juices.

Drink water throughout the day.

The rate of consumption per day is individual! The view that an adult should drink at least 2 liters a day is not entirely true. The recommendation refers to people who have no problems with the heart and kidneys. The rest should calculate the individual rate of drinking water. A woman of 1 kg of weight needs 30 ml of water, a man – 40 ml. This formula will help determine the level of consumption per day. For detailed calculation it is necessary to take into account the air temperature, the level of physical activity during the day and the state of health. These factors are discussed with the doctor.

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Do not mix raw and boiled water in the kettle. The chemicals in the raw water react with the boiled substances. As a result, a “nuclear blend” is obtained, which adversely affects the body – the condition of organs worsens, immunity decreases, premature aging develops. If you want to lose weight, drink a half-hour before eating a glass of water. Coupled with proper nutrition and physical activity, it helps to get rid of excess weight.

Drink cool water.

If you are constantly thirsty and can not get drunk, then contact an endocrinologist – this may be a symptom of diabetes. The disease was not confirmed – reconsider the diet, eliminating highly salted foods. To quench your thirst, take 3-4 medium sips. Do not drink a few glasses in a row – so you will overload the internal organs.

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