Weight Loss And Diets: Early Aging And Another 6 Risks To Health

One of the most stubborn and destructive delusions: a diet is necessary for the recovery of the body! Do not catch up – so warm up, in the sense of not lose weight – so get well! In fact, leanness is associated with a shorter life expectancy and greater susceptibility to some diseases in old age. What are the health problems worth thinking about for those who are trying to lose weight? And is it possible to establish proper nutrition without diets?Lean Belly Breakthrough

Weight Loss And Diets: Early Aging And Another 6 Risks To Health

The demonization of completeness as a symbol of literally all the serious diseases that existed in the world had clear economic grounds: insurance companies needed a clear criterion that could raise insurance premiums or deny health insurance. Inevitably and symmetrically leanness, for centuries symbolizing poverty, poor health and bad temper, suddenly became a sign of total health and economic viability.

Diet and health risks

Evelyn Triboli and Helen Reish in the book “Intuitive Nutrition” list many of the negative effects of the diet for health. In studies conducted both in rats and in humans, it was shown that dietary experience consistently reduces the intensity of weight loss with each new dietary attempt. This is well known to all experienced “slimbers”: the first dietary attempt is usually tolerated relatively easily and leads to a brilliant result – a loss of 8-10 kilograms is not uncommon.

You are happy and believe that you managed to avoid the fate of those who are unsuccessfully sitting on diets and can not only reduce, but even maintain the weight. After a while, when the nasty excess weight is recruited again, you are frustrated, but do not frighten – you know what to do. You go to the store for a special set of products and from Monday enter into battle.

This time, the results will probably be a little worse, and it will be a little more difficult to carry the diet, but by the end of the prescribed minimum period, you can still easily change the size of your clothes to a smaller one. This can continue for several cycles, until, finally, one day you find that the habitual remedy is no longer working. You regularly live half-starving, faithfully observe all the prescribed, but the weight – does not move. You fall into desperation, start looking for new methods, but other diets do not work either.

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Dietary experience increases the number of episodes of overeating. Both rats and people in experiments demonstrated a tendency to overeat after periods of restrictions. In other words, the more active your dietary attempts, the more often you will find yourself in a situation where you “can not resist” not to eat something, and can not stop, having started eating. The diet really changes your eating behavior, only it changes it – for the worse, towards the violation of a healthy type of diet.

Often I hear: I limited the sweet, I stopped eating my favorite chips, I forbade myself buns – and in 2-3 weeks I realized that I already do not want them! Often this phenomenon is perceived as a proof that restrictions can change eating behavior in a healthy way. In fact, this is not so. The fact is that, constantly abandoning a certain product, we experience deprivation – a sense of deprivation, which, in turn, leads to a feeling of constant depression. In other words, the body “no longer believes” that they will ever give it tasty, and “ceases to want.”
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Indeed, this causes a temporary weakening of the craving for certain foods – but not because our eating habits have changed, but because the body experiences depression and sadness, and for the most part does not care what it is. Some people support this condition artificially constantly – they really do not eat the forbidden, but they constantly experience the sensation of anhedonia – the lack of desires, needs, characteristic of clinical depression.

The chronic experience of diets changes the shape of the body. And again, in the wrong direction that we would like to see! Those who constantly lose and gain weight, even in small amounts, find a tendency to laying fat in the abdominal area – around the waist.

This type of obesity is statistically associated with the risk of cardiovascular disease. Not surprisingly, a study of more than 3,000 men and women, known as the Framingham Heart Disease Study, lasted 32 years, demonstrated that, regardless of initial weight, regardless of whether the subjects were lean or obese, regardless of other factors of cardiovascular risk (smoking, hypodynamia), those whose weight is constantly changing (the effect of yo-yo), twice as likely to die from cardiovascular diseases.

A study of the health of Harvard graduates showed that those who lose and again gain at least 5 kilograms for 10 years, live less than those who maintain a stable weight.

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Diets significantly reduce self-confidence and self-esteem and forever bind for you the experience of eating not with pleasure from saturation and enjoyment of different tastes, but with a sense of guilt for eating.

But that’s not all. Most diets are based on a strong restriction of the products of one group – carbohydrates, fats or both, in favor of the products of another group, most often proteins. Both the Atkins diet, and the Ducane diet, and the nutrition used by people actively building the body in the gym, are based on high protein content. The reduction in weight on this diet is indeed rapid. But this is not the only change that happens to your body.
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Excess protein causes increased growth and, as a result, increased aging.
Protein molecules tend to “stick together” in erythrocytes, reducing the permeability of blood vessels, which causes an increased risk:

Increased consumption of meat leads to:

  • an increased chance of osteoporosis;
  • increased stress on the liver and kidneys;
  • increased risk of cancer;
  • deterioration of digestion in the intestine;
  • undigested proteins activate the immune system, leading to autoimmune diseases.

High-protein diet really effectively reduces weight in a short time – while increasing the risk of very unpleasant, including fatal diseases. Are you sure you want harmony at such a price?

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Why does everyone sit on diets and try to lose weight

You ask me, why then are diets so popular, why does everyone do this, why does everyone believe that it works?
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Diets are a commercial product with very well-made marketing. They sell the hope for a better life, and in case of failure they “transfer the arrows” to the buyer.

Nothing more successful in the commercial industry has been invented to this day. You can imagine that the support service of the software company, where you applied to the fact that the program you purchased works with errors, tells you: you could not use it correctly, that’s why the program is “buggy”!

It is unlikely that such a company would exist on the market for a long time, so if something goes wrong, you, as a user, can download the patch program on the manufacturer’s website, upgrade to a newer version or even refuse to use the product and return the money .

If you buy a new car and the air conditioner refuses it or the headlight does not work, are you ready to hear in the car workshop – well, you yourself are to blame, why did they breathe so much, why did they go to the heat? It is unlikely that any of us will come to mind in these cases – well, I myself am guilty, did not show enough patience, did not learn to tolerate mistakes.

Why do we treat our body and, more importantly, to our own self-esteem less carefully than to our computer or machine?

The only time when diet is necessary and improves the quality of life – if the doctors found you a medical condition, in which some products cause you real physical damage. Allergy, celiac disease, autism – there are not many such diseases. In all other cases, the only reasonable way to establish a relationship with food and stop overeating is to permanently abandon any diets.

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Intuitive nutrition: a diet that develops of itself

I know that for you it sounds scary, it seems a way to chaos and eternal obesity. However, having switched to intuitive nutrition and having spent some time in the body of an intuitive feeder, you will find that unconsciously, without any effort, you often choose to eat as prescribed by the best nutritionists.

Carbohydrates will often be desired in the morning, because you will not like the heaviness in the stomach, which appears from them in the evening, many shopping sweets seem cloying, although you have not confined yourself for a day in sweet, many of you will feel the need to give up meat – it will just seem tasteless . You will start eating up substantially smaller amounts of food.
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What is the problem then, you will say, if the dietary rules are not so bad, then why should they be abandoned? Because any forcible introduction of good and causing of profit causes a human being natural resistance and aggression. Within the intuitive diet there are no initial rules – you set the rules yourself, choosing only those that really work to improve your well-being. What we realize as free choice does not cause resistance, we do not even notice that something is “being observed.”

Imagine an ordinary light lunch on a hot summer day. Eat two – an intuitive eater and one who sits on a diet. They eat absolutely the same set of products, just what I just ate for dinner – cottage cheese with greens and whole wheat bread and ginger biscuits. What is the difference?

Intuitive eater

Oh, I’m hungry! What do I want now? So hot, I want a cool, fresh … probably, sour or brackish … (looks in the fridge). Cottage cheese! Chopped parsley! Exactly what is needed! (Imagines how he will feel when he eats.) It seems that this is not enough, I want to add something … Warm, crisp … Toast! (He makes himself a toast, spreads cottage cheese on it, eats with appetite.)

Mmm, how delicious! Gorged on? It seems like you want something else … Now sweet. Biscuit! (Eats cookies, drinks tea, thinks and listens to himself, eats another, gets up from the table contented and calm.)
External differences of the intuitive eater from the professional fighter of the dietary front can not be any – each of them can eat those products that we automatically consider “healthy and useful”, and what we consider “tasty, but harmful.” Difference in approach, in sensations from this food, in thoughts about it.


Two o’clock in the afternoon, it’s time for me to eat. What can I do now? (Check with the list or the scheme.) You can have cottage cheese with herbs and a slice of bread. On the table lies a cookie. Delicious, I guess. I want cookies. You can not, bear it, otherwise your ass will never get into jeans. Cottage cheese is tired, I want sweet. Okay, there’s nothing to do. (With a sigh he makes himself cottage cheese with greens, adds a piece of bread, sluggishly and without enthusiasm chews.)

Come on! Cheer up! Look, what a fine fellow you are – you did not break anything! Clever and future harmonous beauty! As soon as you lose weight – go with you to the store and buy a dress. No, two dresses. Or three. I want cookies. What the hell should I limit myself to when a huge number of people eat everything they want and they do not get anything done for this ?! Why?! My God, for what ?!

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By the way, since I was so clever today, can I afford one cookie? Or, for example, two. (She hesitates for a while above the tutu.) I can! I can afford it! I have the strength of will! Today I ate cottage cheese (Lord, muck, I hate cottage cheese!) And I have the right to eat cookies. (Opens the box and resolutely, swallows one quickly.) Hm, did not feel the taste at all. Another…

Further scenarios can be different. Someone from the fighters of the dietary front will bravely put off the box, someone will not stop until he finishes it to the end. When suffering from deprivation of delicious food reaches a high level, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep. At the beginning of a diet, this is easier. When deciding to go on a diet, sooner or later you will repeatedly visit both these points.

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