Weight Loss for Men

Weight Loss for Men

Weight loss for men is an actual problem. After all, according to the statistics of the World Health Organization, every eleventh representative of the stronger sex of one hundred suffers, to some extent, obesity. It is the excess body mass index associated with premature death of men due to cardiopathology, since obesity causes atherosclerosis, and at a fairly young age.
Weight Loss for Men

Weight Loss for Boys

At a young age, weight loss among young men, as well as among girls, is often dictated by the standards of beauty. However, young people are more psychologically stable, and it is extremely rare that fighting overweight for young people translates into global health problems. Young people tend to opt for weight loss training, and are less concerned about appearance.
Weight Loss for Men

Weight loss for men of mature age

Although the need for weight loss for women is more acute and is given with greater difficulty than the representatives of the stronger sex, the latter also have to control body weight. It is in adulthood that men often think that it’s time to do something to lose weight and reduce the volume and weight in general.

Often they are backed up by urgent recommendations of doctors, since most men who are obese, especially 3 and 4 degrees, have serious health problems. In this case, fitness and a sensible diet become a vital necessity.

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Weight loss for men with systemic diseases

Numerous studies and conclusions by WHO are disappointing. With the growth of BMI, the risk of such pathologies increases as:

  • cardiac damage;
  • type 2 diabetes mellitus;
  • osteoarthritis and other diseases of the musculoskeletal system;
  • intestinal cancer and some other cancers.

Weight Loss for Men
A meta-analysis of large-scale studies conducted in the USA, Sweden and Australia from 1976 to 2003 demonstrated that:

  • at 2 degrees of obesity, life expectancy is reduced by 6.5 years;
  • patients with a 3 degree of obesity live 8.9 years less;
  • those whose BMI exceeds 55, and obesity corresponds to 4 degrees, lose 9.8 years of life.

Therefore, men who have an excess body weight and waist size more than 94 cm, should seriously think about losing weight and change the habitual way of life.

And those of them who already have serious systemic diseases, it is necessary to undergo a detailed examination, to follow the recommendations of doctors for effective weight loss.

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