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Weird But Brilliant Hacks To Make Your House Smell Like A Dream

You can relax and relax only when the house smells good. Unfortunately, not always our apartments are filled with fresh flavors. Real life always makes its own adjustments, and not all natural smells are pleasant.
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But there are several secrets that will ensure fragrance and freshness for a long time. Here are the most important tricks that will help in this delicate matter.

Homemade air freshener

Unexpected solution for an excellent smell. Just mix in a plastic bottle with a sprinkler a quarter of a glass of liquid to flavor the laundry, 4 tablespoons of soda and a glass of boiling water. Now you can refresh the smell of curtains, couch, carpet or other textile surfaces that are not easy to wash.

Friends torture you with questions about how you manage to achieve such freshness in the house!

Aroma for cars

It is not necessary to buy the boring “Christmas trees” or other synthetic flavors for the car. Take your favorite essential oil and apply a few drops on an ordinary wooden clothespin. The same trick can be done in the apartment, securing the clothespin near the ventilation.

The house will fill a beautiful natural fragrance, which, among other things, can perfectly raise your spirits.

Refresh the air filters

Another great place for applying essential oils – air conditioner filters or air heater. Instead of buying artificial flavors that only copy or enhance the smells of essential oils, use the oils themselves! The house will have a great flavor, and your budget will only benefit.

Natural scent absorber for the refrigerator

Even the smells of fresh dishes in the refrigerator can create very strange compositions, combining with each other. Not speaking about the forgotten and not thrown out in time products… Therefore it will be not superfluous, to place in a bottom chamber a peel of any citrus fruit filled with large table salt.

Such a freshener will save the refrigerator from the smell of mustiness.

Fruit essence for the room

Citrus and spices perfectly combine not only in tea or cocktail, but also in natural flavor for the room. In order for the fragrance to fill the entire house, the mixture needs to be warmed on a stove or in a double boiler.

Perfectly combine with orange, lemon and grapefruit such herbs as rosemary, bay leaf, cloves and thyme.


A great decoration for the kitchen, which is very easy to make by yourself. For such a flavoring, you need to prepare unsweetened thick jelly based on a decoction of citrus and spices. When the mixture has cooled, add a few drops of essential oils.

Pour jelly into jars, along with fruits and spices. In addition to fruit, jars of jelly can be filled with pine needles, cones and other natural materials.

Deodorant for home

Sometimes it is necessary to add a pleasant smell to the most problematic places, for example, a trash can or a basket with dirty laundry. In this case, balls based on soda, with the addition of essential oils, will help. For deodorant 2 cups of soda mixed with a glass of distilled water and add a bottle of any essential oil.

It is best to use lavender or any citrus. Fill with a mixture of ice molds and let the freshener dry. If necessary, just add one “bomb” in the garbage bag.

Coffee Candles

A simple, but very effective method to fill an apartment with an excellent aroma. Put the usual candles in a jar full of coffee beans. When heated from the grains will be allocated essential oils, and the smell of fresh coffee will spread throughout the room.

Even in the evening enjoy your favorite aroma without the danger of disturbing the sleep regime.

Refresh your carpets

Often an unpleasant smell gives the room a stale carpet. The usual baking soda, in which you can add a little essential oil if desired, will help to clean the carpets in the house in a dry way. To enhance the effect, you can add grinded dry lemon zest.

Spread the mixture over the carpet, leave for a few minutes, and then vacuum. After such cleansing, not only unpleasant smells will leave, but also some stains and pollution.

Neutralize the smells

With this method, you can not simply smash the unpleasant odor, but neutralize it. Add a few tablespoons of soda into a conventional multivark and run the shortest program. The cover must be open or closed loosely.

To enhance the effect, you can add to the soda any natural flavor.

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