Carpathian Mountains

Wonderful Carpathian Mountains

Wonderful Carpathian Mountains!

I would like to share a review about a wonderful summer holiday in the mountains of the Carpathians located in Ukraine. Firstly, because emotions overwhelm and this positive is necessary to share with someone, and secondly, I hope that for someone this review will be interesting.

I certainly guess that this is not such a holiday, which is described by the majority (to be borne in mind that it is by no means exotics and fashionable hotels), but I still believe that my reader will find my opinion.
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We did not book accommodation in advance, we decided, so to speak, to look around and decide on the place. We went to one of the most developed tourism centers in Yaremcha, Ivano-Frankivsk region. We liked very much the quiet street with access to the river Prut and a view of the mountain. The street is called Kurortnaya.

There we settled in the private sector. It’s so amazing to wake up and hear the streams of a mountain river outside and feel the scent of pine needles. From our house two meters away was a descent to the river.

In general, the Carpathians are very rich in nature – mountains, poloninas, spruce, meadows, grasses, mountain rivers can be told about all this for hours … .. One time walking along the slope of the mountain wandered into the forest where there was a whole meadow of field grasses. We decided to lie down and rest, feelings are not transferred!
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It’s such a mixture of aromas, smells of herbs and flowers – that it’s hard to convey in words, you just have to try it yourself. The air is thick, honey.

Mountain rivers are often found, though they are not particularly deep-water, but still, with crystal clear water and pleasing.

On one of these rivers we went to descend on rafts and kayaks. We booked an excursion and were taken to the village of Nizhnyaya Dzembronya for rafting along the Black Cheremosh River. This river is more deep-water than the others and has a large number of rapids.

It was an unforgettable experience descent on rafts, 2 km of a mountainous clean river and we like a nut shell carried away by the current)) And when we were still caught during the descent and the downpour with a thunderstorm, it was even scary. In the same river we bathed the water in general is not cold, the temperature is +19.

Such a natural jacuzzi is a mountain river. They did not freeze at all, especially as soon as we descended, the tour organizer greeted us with a mushroom soup and a drink according to the type of tincture in the Carpathian root))) So all who will go to the Carpathians advise Rafting to be included in the list of entertainments.

In one of the most serene days they chose the tourist route “Dovbush Trail”, which runs through the territory of the Carpathian National Park. This path was created in memory of the legendary national avenger O. Dovbush, who operated here in 1738-45.

Very interesting historical route, the guide should not be taken, along the way there are stands with a description of the place and actions that occurred. Wonderful nature – heaps of stone blocks of sandstone form bizarre forms with terraces and caves.

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Even stopped by the village of Kvassy, ​​which is famous for its mineral waters. And I tell you honestly famous for nothing! Such delicious water, I have not yet drunk. And our main shock was that it was fizzy! This is a natural phenomenon – in its path this water is enriched with natural gases.

You can drink it in unlimited quantities and as the guide told us – the village of Kvassy is famous for its long-livers and white teeth))) Because everyone there is drinking natural water from sources, so I advise the reader to try it!

Separately, I would like to highlight the national cuisine, which pleases its diversity and taste. Practically in all places where we did not stop eating food (and mostly it is Kolyby – national cafe-restaurants, with an integral attribute of the hearth located in the middle of the building), we were pleased with both food and service. So on this occasion you do not have to worry, in these places there is always where to eat delicious)))

In conclusion to my response about the trip, I would like to add that the Carpathians is an indescribable energy of nature – giving you a charge that you can not get much from. Carpathians are insanely beautiful species, friendly people and the most important affordable prices.

As one native resident of Yaremcha told me in the mountains, I need to drive at least once a year, so that I clean myself of all the accumulated negative and give myself a charge. What do you want)) And let the Carpathians conquer you!!

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