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World Of Complete Freedom. For Men. For Women

Freedom is a value. It seems everyone agrees. But there are nuances. Imagine complete freedom in our complex world, both for women and for men.
The picture will not be easy. I think you want to limit freedom. Maybe not?

World of complete freedom. For men. For women

So, let’s start with the men.

They are free! Now they can be themselves. They do not need to adhere to someone else opinion, there is no longer a framework, a duty to meet the expectations of other people, including women.
Men can follow their needs, be guided by needs, desires, openly express any feelings.
In the end, do only what they want, without looking back at anyone.

Maybe the world happiness will begin. After all, complete freedom is wonderful. Men will create a perfect world.
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In every man is the sun, just let him shine!

Or, there will be continuous violence. Who is stronger is right. Any man will be evaluated by the criterion – he can kill, maim, or not. If he can, then he must be feared and respected.

With women, no more unnecessary conversations will not be: I want – I take myself, I’m tired – I’ll give it up, maybe I’ll give it to someone who needs it. Absolute freedom.

Full freedom for women.

The 3 Week Diet - lose weight now!This is real equality. The woman is free and responsible for everything herself, her rights are unlimited.

Probably a joy for feminists.

Perhaps the world will be just and reasonable.
Women are against wars, they are not aggressive and free.

Or, there will be a cruel war for survival. Since women are physically weaker, fighting with men for their physical integrity will be problematic.

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Part will die, some will try to get attached to the strongest peasants, so that they protect them. Someone will go into the woods and form communities of Amazonian warriors. In the Siberian forests, the Amazons will die out in the first winter.

In this universal triumph of complete freedom, the most daring, arrogant, strong will survive.

Men are thugs who are ready to establish order, killing other people, and thereby, asserting their authority.
For the time being, until they are killed by someone more fortunate or cunning.
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Women who were able to adapt to life with these men.

It seems I briefly described what already happened. This is a real story from ancient times to our days. From the world of complete freedom, to a civilization of limited freedom.

When people, through wars and mass bloodshed, came to understand – we must negotiate so as not to bite each other (the enemy of the enemy). Therefore, they began to invent laws for states and citizens, limiting the freedoms of rulers, men, women, nations, social groups, all in relation to all.

Now again, everyone lacks freedom. I want more rights: men, women, rulers and social groups.

Is history repeating itself?

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