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What Worries A Woman When She Turns 30 Years

Statistics argue that a person reaches the greatest heights in life after 30 years. There are many examples, and the brightest, of course, are the stars. For example, actress Susan Sarandon was nominated three times to receive an Oscar, and only at 48 years she received a coveted and for many unattainable figurines. Another example is already from the world of science: the Frenchwoman Marie Curie received the first Nobel Prize when she was 36 years.

What Worries A Woman When She Turns 30 Years

Sober view

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The main reason for the gloom of 30-year-old ladies is … stability. All romantic dreams, love storms and the first inexperienced steps in a career have been in the past. It seems that nothing is new and it’s more difficult for the events to stir up the imagination. Life becomes predictable, gradually rolling down to monotony.

A woman has a romantic nature, she needs changes, she wants to be surprised, flirt and mad. Forever young in the shower, she is intended to give smiles, collect compliments and enjoy life. Understanding that time runs through your fingers, taking away the best minutes, makes you sad. The past can not be returned, everyday life no longer gives joy, and the future does not promise discoveries.

It turns out that the desired, once, confidence in the future is not needed today? Is not that what we want in our youth? Why do we go through fire and water, how not to ensure a quiet future?

It is necessary to remember why the first half of life was lived. The beauty of the regained stability is that now there is a place to rest, bring yourself into a fighting mood and, after all, with new forces to plunge into the bubbling stream of life. And we are now able to create romance with our own hands.
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Today, a 30-year-old lady does not necessarily already become a mother. Many people are concerned about the “children’s” question, but why think so? Is it really time to get children, or tired of being a proud and independent business lady? Beauty food bible
And, maybe, they are tired of their friends, who do not cease to ask about children? Nowhere is it indicated that it is now necessary to resolve the issue with the offspring. No one will say the ideal age for childbearing and there is no consensus on ideal parents for children.

Therefore, do not look back at friends and friends. Only a woman can know when she is ready to have children. And if not all the tops are taken, then there is a reason.

The Bird of Happiness. A man of age is compared to wine – it only gets better.

A woman can be compared with cognac, it over time becomes more expensive. Overstepping the threshold of 30 years, a woman already knows what she wants and how to achieve it. But, most importantly, she knows what’s worth.

It has established principles and is more reliable, which makes it priceless. By the age of 30, there is experience and wisdom, which allows avoiding many annoying mistakes. Such a woman can not be unnoticed, as an interesting conversationalist. She has a good command of herself and the situation, she knows how to emphasize her dignity and hide her shortcomings.

The main advantage of a 30-year-old age is a combination of stability and novelty. This period of life opens up previously inaccessible opportunities to manifest oneself, its potential. Few other values, different perceptions, expectations …

In a word, life continues at 30 years!

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