Yes-no Cookies. Zakarpatskaya Cuisine


For sand base:
Flour – 500 g
Butter Butter -250 g
Vanilla Sugar – 10g
Sugar – 100 g
Egg Yolks – 4 pcs.
Salt to taste
For merengue:
Egg whites – 3 pcs.
Vinegar 9% – 1 COFFEE SPOON
Sugar – 250 g
For filling :
Thick jam, nutella at your choice

How to cook

Cookies “YES + NO” will melt the heart of anyone who tries it. It melts in your mouth! Incredibly airy and crispy delicacy for lovers of delicious baking.

We begin the preparation with a sand base. To do this, we sift the flour into the bowl, add sugar and salt. We mix everything together. Add butter cut into pieces and grind it into crumbs. Next add the yolks and knead the dough. If the dough is not going to the bowl, you can add 1-2 st spoons of yogurt or kefir, but this is only if you need. We spread the dough into a layer 3-4 mm thick and cut out circles with a diameter of 2-3 cm.

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We prepare the merengue. To the squirrels add sugar and a coffee spoon of vinegar. We beat to a very thick cream. We check the whiteness of proteins by turning the bowl upside-down, if the proteins do not drop out, then merenga is ready.

Dough pieces are laid out on a baking sheet covered with baking paper. On each mug we plant merengu from a confectionery sack. We bake a biscuit at a temperature of 160C (320F) for about 6 minutes. I baked 10 minutes, because the cookies were thicker.

Cookies must be completely cooled, and then connect the halves with jam, nutella.

I wish you a pleasant appetite and good mood! 🙂

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